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Fujian Zhejiang industrial and commercial sea puffed food sampling new foods foo
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2010 Q2, Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Administration of circulation of the expanded food sample testing, Hualian Supermarket stores, Century Lianhua Supermarket, Wal-Mart department stores, malls failure detection products. Monitoring found that Mirror Lake, Shaoxing City, New Ganoderma shopping supermarket sales, Matt Texas Food Co nominal production of "Maite" brand rice crust (deep-fried puffed food type) (Australian steak taste), and the detection of acid value (fat Dollars) exceeded. Wal-Mart (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Deqing Wing Street department store nominal sales Ningbo Leisure Food plant production, "Wang Thai" Sam Sun crispy rice exceeded the total number of colonies. Geely nominal Meixi Anbu Food plant production, "Hang Chau" seaweed chicken (fried puffed food type) excessive levels of sodium cyclamate, Kangze Yuan Food Co., Ltd. Yancheng nominal production of "Ge Wang," you exceeded the microphone shrimp benzoic acid. Monitoring also found that Lingzhi Town, Shaoxing Qu Tuncun Mirror Lake New Hualian Supermarket franchise sales Cocktail Food Co., Ltd. Jiangsu nominal production of "very good" brand of coarse grains of corn angle (tomato flavor fried type), Shaoxing City Coral Dongpu more urban food store sales in nominal Wuhan Xu Xu Food Co., Ltd production of "carbene Bear" brand 400 grams of rice farmers through (sesame flavor), Chinese Business Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Lianhua, Zhongxing Road, Deqing Shi Ji Lianhua Supermarket sales of the new Sea Food Co., Ltd. Fujian nominal production of "clubbing" brand puffed food - small crisp (non-fried potato chips), food labeling failed.
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