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The first survey of Chinese catering business catering enterprises released sh
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Beijing China Hotel Association, Food Industry Association together, the Shanghai Food Industry Association, Hotel Association of Tianjin, Chongqing Food Industry Association, Guangdong Province, the top ten food service industry associations such as fraternal associations took six months, through the various modes of thousands of survey of catering enterprises , completed the first national food and beverage business survey, released today at the "2009 Report of China's catering business," China's catering industry for the most detailed statistical study and analysis of current development catering enterprises. Which model most profitable restaurant By food and drink, fast food, snacks, hot four formats to estimates, three indicators are: on the margin, the 8.76% food and drink, fast food 5.2%, 10.4% of snacks, hot 9.6%; to labor efficiency in terms of per capita , food and drink 202,000 yuan, 35,985 yuan of fast food, snacks 59,940 yuan, pot 49,100 yuan; to enterprises in terms of revenue per square meter, 14,437 yuan food and drink, fast food 13,960 yuan, 4,683 yuan snacks, hot 3743 yuan. Old to reproduce the development of life Food and beverage companies in the survey, 80% of the business that has opened more than 3 years, 50% or more is a history of more than ten years, 74% of the enterprises are private. Old business after years of tempering the market, to reproduce the development of life, in the top 30 brands accounted for 10 seats, cross-old regional chain expanded into a new stage. Data show that food businesses surveyed, 62% have carried out a franchise and its brand expansion and business development as an important path. Shortage of talent catering enterprises From the financial ability to run, business-to-human expressed concern about rising costs. Catering business in raw material costs and labor costs accounted for the largest part of business costs, 37% and 12%, and have higher than the previous year. Situation from the perspective of human resources, corporate front-line staff and the lack of high-level management personnel. Employee turnover remains high, the average reached 56%, affecting the quality of enterprise services and sustainable development. The staff structure to 40 years of age, the following main high school education, college education has increased the percentage of employees. Corporate emphasis on staff training has also been increased, 42% of companies pay annual training expenditure as a percentage ratio of total over 3%, average of 3.6%. More and more emphasis on group development From the perspective of the development group, catering companies more and more emphasis on centralized purchasing, uniform distribution, and focus on the central kitchen, dining planting and breeding bases and diversified development of food processing. But in computer networking management and catering applications of information technology has yet to be improved. Should be concerned about consumer loyalty More and more enterprises begin to attach importance to building customer loyalty and customer relationship management, primarily through membership cards, discount cards be achieved, but in customer relationship management, there is still much room for improvement. Survey, consumers use credit cards up to 39% the proportion of people, a reservation is not high percentage of consumers accustomed to an average of only 37% of consumers of traditional signing the percentage has dropped to very low. Healthy food into the clubhouse dining trends Looking ahead, the long-term business catering to the good trend of the market remain unchanged, the restaurant industry will continue to be rapid and healthy development, and the public dining, central kitchen, semi-finished dishes were point processing, raw material base and construction of confidence; to the club restaurant, health catering and other positive trends; on IPO, financing expansion, chain enthusiasm. Branded consumer food and beverage market will enter the era, the restaurant industry growth rate of 16% will continue to expand consumption, play a positive role in promoting employment.
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