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Ningbo City the first tourism and catering industry Job Saturday
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Reporter learned from the talent market, Ningbo City, Saturday, Ningbo region of the first tourist hotel and catering industry, Job VII International Exhibition Center will be in the Hall at the second floor, until now register a total of 62 units of participants, the introduction of 305 jobs more than the demand nearly 700 people. There are five-star hotel in Ningbo City, 12, 19 four-star hotels, 53 three-star hotel, but the huge momentum behind it is the tourism, hotel and catering industry in senior management and service personnel shortages, especially in the service reception level of personnel shortage is particularly apparent, therefore, become recruited in this position at one of the greatest demand. The job fair will be in Ningbo, a famous tourist attraction, hotel, food and beverage industry warn that recruitment of participants, but also attracted Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Taizhou and Shaoxing cities of the province of other well-known companies catering hotel register participants.
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