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National fire service hotel and catering industry the demand for allocation o
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Yantai City last week, the human resources market, as close to the National Day Golden Week, the recruitment of personnel demand for larger units mainly in the food and catering industry, Job Status supermarkets and restaurants involved in the recruitment of sales staff, sales staff, supermarket management, hotel management, cooks, waiters and other types of work, the number of the total demand for 40% of demand, due to recruitment of units to provide a more generous employment benefits, job seekers apply overwhelming effect of significant transactions; corporate job candidates are focused primarily on the industry interest and enthusiasm, whether hard-working spirit. The hotel's senior general to be very familiar with the talent of the hotel and catering business processes, and to have strong communication skills. Application from the job situation, with 2 years work experience increase in the number of job-seekers, accounted for 50% of the total number of enrollment over the selection of employers to meet the demand for talent. Recruitment and commissioned last week to participate in on-site employer recruitment 201, providing 85 professional and technical jobs, jobs 3389, job number of applications 3254 people. Employment needs of the top 10 last week, the types of jobs: production workers, marketing personnel, service personnel, sales, sales manager, cashier, welder, security, pantry helper, Chinese Cook. Registered job-seekers last week, the top 10 types of jobs: salesperson, production workers, office clerks, marketers, accountants, Chinese Cooking, mechanical design, security, graphic design, maintenance electrician.
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