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Personnel at the end of the retail food and beverage into the meat and potatoe
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With New Year approaching, the provincial capital "only city" needs a new rendering features, retail, hotel and catering jobs are getting hot, strong growth is expected to maintain this trend in March next year, the job will be varying degrees of growth in pay . The provincial capital of more than talent agencies, due to mobility and other factors, the year is the retail and catering industry "seasonal" lack of work or will again. From November the provincial capital provided by various personnel "intelligence" Look, now, before the provincial capital city of clerks, customer service, sales, finance and other personnel demand is still strong, but competition is also large, the pay is generally more stable. Class position is the recruitment of marketing positions in another hot, enterprises need a technical background in marketing specialty class talent. New industries as the country pushing the industry significantly increase demand in the workplace, but also shows the impact of policies on the workplace is increasing. In the emerging industry software engineers, product developers, 3G R & D talent demand, will remain optimistic about the future. Currently, the demand for logistics in Anhui Province has entered the peak period. New Year is approaching, by the end of seasonal, retail, hotel and catering recruitment needs hot, the talent agency's data show that since November, the provincial capital of workplace tourism and hotel industry gradually increased the proportion of professional jobs, the current management of the hotel industry jobs class post to the main restaurant, the hotel is also on the increasing demand for senior personnel, wages and benefits are on the rise. In addition, the retail industry to stimulate consumption by the end of the year, recruitment demand upward momentum. Situation from the previous years, these two types of thermal industry needs will continue into next year in March. However, human experts said, because at the end of the flow of talent is also active in all kinds of, the future is not easy to recruit people, "seasonal" lack of work or will again.
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