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Omaha restaurants and more enterprises to personnel reserve early response to l
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Kee Hot Pot shop owner Chen Chen during the Spring Festival had to consider whether the closure of the closed shop, and operating the hotel 7 years Mr. Chen is the first time facing such a choice. Only one reason: not hire attendants. Spring Festival every year the service will appear near the "labor shortage", in November this year, in advance of "menacing." In response to the "labor shortage", the city enterprises "recount", major catering enterprises attendant salary almost equal to white-collar workers, small catering business from the aunt with the level of staff, even with the hotel played a "part-time" "hourly" - "Monthly salary of 1400 + full attendance award, including room and board," which is a small restaurant in our city the most basic wage jobs waiter. The "basic salary of 2000 + full attendance award, beverage commission, including room and board," This is the zone part of the standard high-end hotel jobs waiter said to such a high-end hotel waiter actually get our hands on a month's salary will be 3,500 yuan or more ... ... Even so, no matter what the level of food and beverage companies are still shouting in unison, "lack of people." Before the Spring Festival every year in response to the advent of the "labor shortage", the restaurant industry began early on "talent reserve" to raise wages, employment conditions to relax, increasing welfare ... ... Although the labor party movement early, but the "missing man" phenomenon has not be eased, and a number of facts and statistics show that more than ever occurred before the Spring Festival "labor shortage" struck early, at the end of the approach has been "menacing." Restaurant industry hard hit as early holiday shortage not yet reached the people City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau employment service centers for "Harbin human resources market in November 2010 with supply and demand analysis" showed that in November 2010, Harbin, human resources market demand for the number of attendants was 225, job number 56, the gap 169. According to the Chief of the Employment Agency market introduction ginger aspiring to recruit the human resources market in Harbin enterprise attendants are some of the city's star hotels and some upscale restaurants, catering companies such as salary given to higher, not "labor shortage" in the hardest hit, the restaurant industry in the middle and low labor demand in the current circumstances this is the most impact. Fushun Street in the labor market, employment information reporter saw was undoubtedly the most catering enterprises, waiter, pantry helper, piers and other positions after the lesions were cut in the "Rezhao", many food companies to hire attendants as soon as possible, to send hand to the agency "Dunshou" job-seekers to meet the requirements of the direct encounter led away. Road, a hotel job outside the area who told reporters: "This is not simply waiting to not hire people, has long been taken away. Lack most is the waiter, and now we are not asked the girl, as long as the image of about the same thirties, forties we move, if entered into with us do not leave during the Spring Festival did not come home, we returned to the higher wages. " Although the labor market situation is very popular job, but the obvious is the "barber Tiaozi a fever," many people employment, candidates are few. This walk around with a reporter to talk with a young girl, she said her family was Suihua, and to work more than six months in Harbin, the 21-year-old waiter at a shopping center is now ready to find work. Asked why she did not the hotel attendant, she smiled and said: "I just quit my job in a restaurant." Layers of small food and beverage sector employers to survive tough Jianlou Now our hotel can, not to 'waste' of the degree, after all, we pay grade here it is. "Is located in the Hotel Zone of Taoyuan competent personnel Dijing Li said. If you get our hands on the actual monthly wage calculation, such as "Taoyuan in the" hotel staff that the city's five-star hotel attendants than is even higher, because the stars will have a "full insurance" and other insurance benefits , and restaurants are put directly sent to the employees of these hands are reflected in the form of wages. Subsequent development of some of the more fancy would be more job-seekers love stars, and eager to let his work embodied in the form of cash compensation will select high-end hotels. Job market, according to Department of Human Resources chief Jiang interested, and now the recruitment of attendants is "layers Jianlou." Five-star, four-star hotel although the salaries are given attractive, but the required conditions are harsh, these hotels are long interviews to recruit people, usually fifty or sixty people attended the interview, to have one or two of success, the proportion of employment is small, the competition is great. So for the five-star hotel, despite there now, "labor shortage", but they have a certain talent pool. No five-star to four star, four-star who will not do high-end began to turn our gaze to the restaurant. According to industry sources, the current number of upscale restaurants in our city if not trouble, "labor shortage", but also maintain the basic operation, basically no room for artificial reserves, but much lower level of catering enterprises has been in a lack of basic of staff. As many middle and low hotel profit is not huge, competitive market is difficult to come up with attractive salaries, so the mobility of employees is very large. Many hotels are also overload the existing staff to work normally a service charge of a private room, it is now responsible for two of the three, or one in possession of two. A mid-range hotel is located in Fushun street front desk manager told reporters that the hotel operators fear most is the employee resigns, the most troublesome is that the labor market to recruit. Stem simple shortage of labor forced to cut no one is willing The same situation with the waiter is desperately short of manual workers and production workers, labor market, which is the most common and most scarce jobs. According to Harbin, the number of human resources market, shortage of skilled workers once the basic supply and demand balance is now, while the shortage of manual workers is increasingly difficult, many companies require the production of ordinary workers as food and beverage industry, faces because of lack of people and dysfunctional embarrassment. The city needs a well-known food processing company "feeding work" task is to dismantle the whole bag of flour bags, and then into the flour mixer, the work is very simple, there is no "technical content", but not hire people, to manpower shortage is the end. The company's human resources department staff, told reporters: "Now the average worker mobility is very large, companies need to recruit people for many years, recruitment has become quite a headache for companies is one thing. As the work of feeding the workers, because needs some physical strength, our initial employment conditions of the age set at 40 years of age, but now we have a worker has been 58 years old, as long as good health, we have do not care about age. in particular, to the end of the year, had artificial very scarce , there will be some people who want to go home early, 'the cat in winter', companies really want to spend a 'winter', and if the labor shortage, we will inevitably have to cut. This situation may have to be there after the Chinese New Year eased. " Rising cost of living increase in absolute income have not Shortage of labor has become the most simple labor, which for us is the abundant human resources may seem inconceivable, but in fact, "labor shortage", "recruitment difficulties", "lack of work" has become a fact that is difficult to break . What has caused the emergence of human resource-rich countries do a simple shortage of workers? Harbin, a senior human resources professionals, market analysis, the absolute reduction in the number, level of education increased, proliferation of urban cost of living is the main reason. According to analysis, shortage of workers early this year, the city comes with the current price levels are not unrelated. With a round of price increases, rising costs of urban life, though simple labor wages are significantly improved, but the city eat, live, with the costs are rising migrant workers that their absolute income does not increase so better to stay home with their Diminshing a comfortable stop-over on to children. Analysis of the industry, if prior to 2000, Harbin, or the labor market "after 70" to play a leading role, then Now, have the letter that "after 80" of the world. City staff, manual workers, production workers Jiucheng these positions rely on the staff of the province from Harbin, and other areas around the children of peasants, now "80" there are many children of farmers is only one child, with less hard-working spirit, the objective result of this "reserve army" inadequate reserves. In addition, as university enrollment, generally improve the national education level, degree in hand, college, technical school diploma of children of peasants, I naturally wanted to target their own higher-level job of technical posts, there are a lot of skills were not lost their desire, as their fathers, older brothers would do the same as "no-tech" work. This reporter has learned, is now moving company to move workers, many of which are four or five-year-old middle-aged workforce. In desperation rush to relax the conditions for the rise of day laborers Could have been prepared well in advance labor reserve to cope with labor shortage in the Spring Festival occurs the employer, did not expect it early this year, employment experience, "winter", in order to maintain normal operation, many employers have come up with new strategies. In the civilized World, 6th Floor, e-business fast food stalls, Mr. Wang changed jobs recently thought: "35 to 45 years old, laid-off workers first." Wang told reporters that he had all the usual attendants move to find a young woman , but the mobility of young girls now too, he operated the stalls though only requires three crew, but functioning on a few difficulties. So he turned to the direction of the recruitment of laid-off workers within the city limits, this will be relatively stable number. It is understood that, if we can significantly improve the wages, labor is basically guaranteed, but the small and medium food enterprises and production enterprises of their own interests is not high, and very fierce competition in the market can not give as large as 1,800 yuan to the hotel basic salary of 2,000 yuan, so the small restaurant is recruiting sights on "Auntie class" waiter. Reporter in the labor market see that many small and medium food enterprises to recruit attendants have been raised to the age of 35 years of age, many do not even have age requirements. CAS on the street, a rice Manager Zhang said that they basically recruit people under the age of 40 on it. The Manager Zhang said, not only relaxed the age, height and all that they did not ask, just think about it. In some universities nearby, many catering companies in the recruitment of college students eyeing. Students looking for day laborers have effectively alleviate the hardship of their employment. It is understood that students are working "day laborers", the general working time in the evening only, or even only three or four nights a week. The use of such odd jobs, employment side will trouble some, in the labor market will be able to recruit a full-time attendants get work, day laborers looking for college students may need to have completed two or three, where previously a good looking man, when the operator is reluctant to use university students. But now a different situation, the trouble is better than no one is dry. It is understood that, in addition to "Students day laborers", the number of small and medium food and beverage companies in order to maintain the operation time will be appropriate to hire workers, working three hours a day, pay about 10 yuan per hour. While this labor more expensive than full-time workers, but can save the cost of food, accommodation, but also in the "rice mouth" when most needed to give the necessary staff complement, is also optimistic about the many employment business. Laws of the market development trend of cheap labor is no longer cheap "Waiter, manual workers, production workers, a shortage of workers with these simple salary almost equal to 'white collar' standard status, it reflected the end of the era of cheap labor." Professionals of the human resources market. According to analysis, although the simple worker gap is huge, but demand units also are barely, true to the "compelling" when the company is restructuring and upgrading of production time. "For example, pharmaceutical companies need to produce the packaging industry, food companies need to fill work, they are simply engaged in repetitive work, and now that production workers are 'tight', there is a big business recruitment difficult. True to the time when people can not find a production company to maintain production of large sums of money to be first launched into automation equipment, in which case it will save a large number of labor. " It is understood that service industries will always be a job market "difficult", because the service is person to person service that can not be used as the manufacturers update the device to replace the manual. With manufacturers increasing the degree of automation to replace the down part of the labor force will be automatically added to the service sector, in order to maintain the balance of the entire labor market, but will not fundamentally solve the service sector employment pressure. Employing agencies to improve salaries and benefits ease the contradiction between a natural way the most direct and effective, labor costs will further increase, which is the inevitable trend of social development.
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