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College meal
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Detailed address: Article of city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou all the way inside institute of 222 Hangzhou normal school
Order eat phone: Type of cafeteria of 28865422 · : Chinese style dining-room
·Management taste: Dish of short for Zhejiang Province, characteristic chaffy dish, dish of the daily life of a family, buffet, snack
·Cafeteria atmosphere: Collective dines together, the friend dines together, the family dines together
·Characteristic dish recommends:
·Include a measure:
·Dimensions class: In cheap consumption
·Consumption of average per capita: 5-10 yuan
·Car circumstance: Have a car
·Take car course: 816 \ of 19 \ 815 \ K900
·Business hours:
This meal belongs to a college
Meal, in recent years, the college meal development as social meal is progressively also socialization, manage and level of management is close to with social meal enterprise gradually, at the same time progressively change manages and manage train of thought, introduce advanced administrative method, perfect oneself develops!

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