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Han Luoyuan barbecue
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Han Feng all is blown recently, no matter be street or dress of red or green Korea fair maiden,still be full of the Korea TV series of TV screen, each appearance became us eagerly the target of angle. Also let even that small Korea cate us hand in a mouth to praise. The Korea pickle with acerbity sweet acid, tastily! The Korea stone boiler with towering fragrance mixes meal -- appetizing! Cool sweet the Korea cold face with lienal ooze -- delicious! And respecting this Korea barbecue, that flavor more did not carry.

The various barbecue inn of full ave, want to find the Korea barbecue store with authentic and good taste, can not be an easy thing. "Han Luoyuan " Han type barbecue, choose the classy platoon acerbity beef of company of large flesh couplet entirely, every inn is daily the client is repast queueing up.

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