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Couple water balladry
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Yunnan is located in motherland southwest to border area, climate diversity Shan Gaolin is close, products is rich, especially fungus particularly famous. The king of its Zhongshan precious " Song Rong " have dietotherapy effect, extract effect of gas, hairdressing, Wen Buzhi. "Chicken even if " have raise Yan Zhi effect, those who feed is delicious and clinking, the straight silk crude fibre that absorbs easily to human body peculiarly. "Tiger palm bacterium " because of lubricious black be similar in shape " tiger palm " have the very strong clear bowel, effect that extracts poison, flavour has light medical sweet smell. "Dried up bacterium " because of its flavour has the dry sweet smell with peculiar fungus, so reason gets its name.

Fungus breed is diversiform, became famous especially in the country such as southeast Asia get beauty of a few love and the high-level personage examine that pay attention to nutrient food.

This inn can hold 150 people, at the same time repast, set inside elegant a sofa is soft, the style is chic, suit marriage celebrate, the organization have dinner such as the banquet, and enjoy favourable discount. This inn is used makings is exquisite, distinctive, clean sanitation. Raw material is all from Yunnan airborne and come, cogent the former juice former taste that preserved Yunnan dish department. For redound broad client, roll out special offer dish to sample for you every week.

This counterjumper is versed in with enthusiasm full operating conditions is spent, welcome your arrival sincerely!

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