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Barbecue of type of Han of center of rose of Sharon
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"Rose of Sharon encloseds ground for growing trees " practice of Han type barbecue on October 1, 2004, it is a when by seasoned Han eat administrator and service personnel comprise par Han type that faces common people dining-room, taste is authentic. Lie to manage an area at this inn with what store of other Han food differs 2000 more than square metre, be up to now the Han pattern dining room with capital the largest area, use inside inn high-grade decorate, hold to green environmental protection to decorate a concept. Believe to be below the service with decorous repast environment and our patient and meticulous courtesy, you can while in high spirits and come, satisfactory and return!

"Rose of Sharon " namely boundless flower. Force of this earthnut life is extremely powerful, be adamancy, solidarity, health, development is indicative, because this is known as Korea national flower. Determined the pattern of Korea ensign with this. "Center " the home that is a monarch, this also is the poineering spirit of limited company of meal of center of rose of Sharon and business purpose.

"Rose of Sharon encloseds ground for growing trees " will with remarkable government, quiet and tastefully laid out environment, the sanitation of high level assures, the dish of delicate nutrition, courteous and attentive service provides a recreational and exalted, decorous, comfortable have dinner room for all circles personage.

"Rose of Sharon encloseds ground for growing trees " Han type barbecue has 20 colors between disparate bag, 80 parking space, it is party of business affairs dine together, friend, family reunites, the first selection of birthday celebration. "Rose of Sharon encloseds ground for growing trees " the presence that faculty of Han type barbecue welcomes you!

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