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Big Qing Dynasty spends wine shop
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Big clear beautiful wine shop is the wine shop that old Beijing runs course of traditional and authentic Manchu characteristic exclusively. All sorts of delicacies of every kind, a lot of dish are tasted out Yu Manhan is complete banquet, and the price is substantial, it is one can let what ordinary common people can enjoy palace drive be apt to feed government office truly.

Big clear beautiful dumpling by forefathers of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad home (Manchu Huang Qi) only then achieve Yu Qingchao Qianlong year. The history is long, cause source and course is long. Classics past dynasties is passed closely still maintain stuff is heavy, flavour is thick, you Runxian's sweet characteristic. Simple and unadorned, have the characteristic of dense and agrestic flavor.

Still condone politics king, Dole boils ever drinkable the Hujia wine that names. Add Man Shijing soup, abalone, bird's nest newly. . Sundry dish tastes contented diversity to consume a group the consumptive demand of different class.

Grace fastens the environment of different, enthusiastic and considerate service, delicate and goluptious dish. Big clear flower has self-confidence to be able to let you enjoy excellent sense.

To acknowledge the support of new old customer and deep love roll out meat meat to have especially give, desk desk has a surprise, will not regret, came more regret to be spent without early Lai Daqing.

What clear Hua Rengong awaits you is big drive presence.

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