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Dining-room of tea of 2001 harbor type
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If you are taking your other in part,ramble is over sea route of the Huaihe River, just perhaps be in market of assist in relief region just " blood goes all out " be over, regular meeting feels special exhaustion even empty stomach rumble.

And this moment, 2001 tea dining-room can be your very right choice.

" 2001 " the boss is a Shanghai person, junior time is spent in Hong Kong all the time, because,perhaps be this reason. His disposition also is relative additional kind. " 2001 " before is a bar, because here often is held " blue demon " fan activity and famed, be in its fame when bigger and bigger, business is better and better, the boss changes bar suddenly again the tea dining-room for taste of pure harbor type. Because bar rebuilds, inside inn decorating is former as before the style of bar.

So, ramble in you tired when, in " 2001 " drink a cup of beverage, take a place east, loosening rest while do not have atmosphere one time again?

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