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Chu Renxuan
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A small room of Beijing Hunan person is Hubei famous civilian battalion meal interlinks a group----Finite liability company is in salon banquet meal the branch that Beijing opens. Headquarters is set in Hubei Yichang city, mutual meal interlinks inn 6, more than 1200 people of worker. The group manages meal more than 20 years, long course tastes the history good management is advanced dimensions is baronial, have very strong meal to manage actual strength. Business economic benefits is obvious, rank a list of names posted up of course of study of meal of 3 gorge Yichang head, have very good society reputation. The group is in pay attention to economic benefits while, do not forget redound society, it is career of project of disaster area, hope, glorious early or late, help incomplete up to aid incomplete to wait for contribution of social commonweal career tens of 10 thousand yuan, get of social all circles reputably. By award in the center of the Youth League " date of countrywide youth civilization " , be awarded by Hubei province federation of trade unions " the home of paradigmatic worker " , president Mr Zhang Guangmei is judged to be " Hubei visits a model worker " , be elected for " thing of assistant manager of Hubei province illicit " , " Yichang city National People's Congress is represented " .

The group is development market, all previous classics between two years of a long time make an on-the-spot investigation, open a branch at was in Beijing in June 2002 -- Chu Renxuan wine shop. Wine shop is located in Beijing east general merchandise of 3 annulus Pacific Ocean on the west side, management area more than 2000 smooth rice, have a color between the luxurious bag of each different 21, basically run course of high-quality goods Hubei, invite a hutch to make the high-grade seafood such as swallow, wing, Bao. Hotel decorate observes and study, environmental leisurely is elegant, it is business affairs negotiates, the place of the first selection of banquet of fete guest, party kissing friend, festival marriage.

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