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Tibetan house
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Transmission Tibet article -- Tibetan house

Be located in harbor to collect square A to pull the Tibetan house of the street, set Tibetan handicraft be on sale, tibetan handicraft is phyletic: Goods of Tibetan headgear, woodcarving, Cang Chuanfo teachs articles for daily use of folk-custom of musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, Tibet, Tibet Tang Ka and brushwork, Tibet antiquated collect article, Tibetan carpet. The friend that likes Tibetan decorations mights as well can go where looking!

Tibetan house be subordinate to belongs to agency of Shanghai of Tibetan tourism bureau, be reveal and publicize Tibetan culture, consuetudinary window, outside dividing the Tibetan handicraft with sterling sale, seek advice and recieve what responsible still Tibet travels.

The handicraft that Tibetan house sells is all and all by the Shanghai with airborne Lhasa, partial handicraft makes smooth amulet like lama handiwork, hid type calendar, Tibet 2003 skin of amice of comb of horn of sweet, yak, yak, yak carves Tibetan opera mask to wait be in Shanghai is sold solely by Tibetan house.

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