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Sichuan boutique- - house of cate of dish of plain dish Shanghai
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House of cate of dish of plain dish Shanghai is founded in July 1997, area 2700m2, have 588 places. In the time that does not arrive 4 years, depend on quiet and tastefully laid out and comfortable, luxurious air environment, the class of royal dimensions and high one's style of work as well as one's moral quality, enthusiastic and considerate, ceremony waits for the element of the support of the people of favourable geographical position of a lot of climate such as the service of all directions, what in Chengdu meal bound established the city to comparative is famous degree, also came true at the same time 14 million yuan classics did business 1998 accomplishment. Since practice, the high recognition that already recieved the delicate cate of service of exposition of medical apparatus and instruments of international TV division, whole nation, whole nation and find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind to earn honored guest of China and foreign countries in succession.

Address: Chengdu can exhibit a center 5 F

Phone: 87640123

Postcode: 610031

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