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Lane of black tea of bubble of lunar predestined relationship
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When Chun Nuanhua leaves, still be when golden Gui Piao is sweet, it is the inning that travel goes out, admire ideal situation, more expect occasionally the photograph companion of cate, really alleged civilian it is a day in order to feed, full be over after the good luck of seeing sth rare, also should bring gift to abdomen, go having a meal, should go to what we like most of course " lunar predestined relationship is compound pattern dining room " .

Walk 10 minutes along clean and relaxed rainbow well road, can see the lunar predestined relationship that is located in date of 514-516 of road of well of rainbow of Min travel area is compound pattern dining room. I let take everybody to experience its atmosphere below.

Go in, can see it has fluctuation the business place of two 400 much square metre, sweet and comfortable adornment, clerk enthusiasm serves hand and foot, genial smile, let a person have the feeling of kind of guests feel at home, browsing on the sofa that sits in comfortable softness newest newspaper, magazine, still have special suffer Taiwan brethren to love " sign up for jointly " , " times weekly " etc. Hearing the euphonic music that transmits by the side of ear, fine fine savouring delicate coffee, it is carefree contented really. Be on 2 buildings, see set 5 " step step rice " bag room, the person that can like with oneself to the top of one's bent says stealthily oh. There is the formula that fits all sorts of tastes, beefsteak, coffee in inn, still have all sorts of drink and fastfood, completely of color, sweet, flavour, let a person really one full the luck to eat sth delicious, flow to go there and back repeatedly, to negotiate business affairs, the friend chats, the classmate meets, provided recreational recreational environment. Old hall places the plant with the vibrant, green abundant meaning of the move, let a person times feeling is pure and fresh, cheerful body and mind.

Dear friends, what be in prosperity when our body is metropolitan, of leisure, might as well be personally on the scene, come over to sit, the traffic here is very portable also, have public transportation 721, 936, 57, 804, 87, 91 all can arrive, periphery has Shanghai zoo to wait, our inn does business 24 hours, classics regular meeting has various favourable activity, also can arrange book a whole theater largely, we become hill in Pudong, 4 calm way all has a branch, structure is original, do not have emotional appeal one time, expect the presence of new old customer, let us get together lunar predestined relationship, life has a reason!

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