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Gu Meixi dining-room
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In November 2002 practice up to now Gu Meixi dining-room acts on its original concept -- the Western-style food of high grade and reasonable price, through management of two years, the pure new York form that the cookbook of dining-room and adornment raise to consume a layer to suit more stage by stage is Western-style lunch hall. No matter you are a captious vegetarian or a cate expert also or meet with the friend, always can get satisfaction in Gu Mei.

Special recommend:

Acid of vegetable herb soup is sweet appetizing; Smooth of chocolate cake mouthfeel, sweet and not be bored with, flower type apple pie, sweet fragile goluptious, deserve to go up ice cream is taste more distinctive. And of all kinds and delicate pizza is delicate and goluptious more, additionally here still has the drink with a lot of delicate and delicate small mug-up and wonderful taste.

Leng Niu discharges Australia on the west, italian banger pizza, chocolate cake, various Xian Guosha is put on the ice, ice-cream rub block coffee

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