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Celestial being house weighs a fist to hit out ban the meal that do not have car
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Recently, prefectural health bureau organizes force, to the city zone the part rejects to handle card or classics deadline is rectified and reform still card of short of hair asks however still the unit that proceed meal runs undertook be centralizeded lawfully enforcing banning.

Action of safe and special punish already was in sanitation of food of meal consumption domain dynamic ground began my county 3 many months. In repair process, great majority meal runs an unit can modest the guidance that accepts wholesome supervisory branch, take effective measures, undertake rectifying and reform according to the requirement seriously. But still a few meal manages unit heart to put fluky, rectify and reform opinion and requirement to turn a deaf ear to to what wholesome supervisory branch puts forward, refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition, still persist one's old ways, bury to meal spending environment not only played great wholesome and safe hidden danger, and to other meal management unit caused very abominable effect. For this, prefectural health bureau is right these " nail door " undertook centralized enforcing banning.

What act to ensure is successful, the integral circumstance that basis of prefectural health bureau masters during punish, decided memory of the city zone is in " long-standing " the meal unit of the problem, elaborate scheme, careful deploy, unified arrangement personnel, car undertakes banning. Dispatch in all more than 20 execute the law personnel, execute the law car 3, come to city north early or late east a section of a highway such as the road of the road of road, celestial being medicine, garden road, road in celestial being, the north that wear a city, road in wearing a city, banned 6 meal to run an unit, check buckled food to machine management tool, appliance to wait for 10, include the goods such as gas steel bottle, steam box, stainless steel boiler among them.

Be managed by regulative for the most part an error that can realize oneself, cooperate actively to execute the law of personnel ban the work, but the manner of the merchant of inn of a breakfast in road of celestial being medicine is very abominable however, use not only corrupt character bawdry executes the law abusively personnel, execute the law with violent antagonism even, nearly leads to serious consequence. Branch of prefectural public security has taken away this merchant further investigation and earnest processing lawfully.

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