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7 years the whole nation investigates unit of 150 thousand meal that do not have
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Ministry of Public Health held countrywide meal to consume conference of videophone of safe and special punish on January 14, 2008, summary meal consumes experience of work of safe and special repair.

According to introducing, in August 2007, deploy of the State Council begins countrywide product quality and food safety special punish acts, door of Ministry of Public Health is in charge of meal consuming job of safe and special repair, began in countrywide deploy " two punish, two are advanced " working job.

End by December 2007, 1.321 million dining rooms of countrywide and unit of meal of county above city 100% built raw material replenish onr's stock to purchase system of all alone card, to 150 thousand unit of the meal that do not have card undertook investigating, the unit that do not have card is investigated rate amount to 100% , solve unit of county above meal to manage a problem without card thoroughly. Investigate 8873 meal units that violate use raw material, put an end to use die in one's bed or the cultivate birds with unidentified cause of death and its goods and use poisonous and harmful material to machine food behavior. 1.297 million units carried out food sanitation to supervise quantify manage by different levels system, executive rate is amounted to 98% . Each district is right still raw material of food of unit of meal of 642 thousand countries uses a case 100% undertake supervisory checking.

Pass special punish, action of battalion of countrywide meal already is further standard, wholesome safety ensures a level to rise further, to promoting economic society good rapid development produced active and significant effect. Main show is in: It is to solving small meal unit to manage problem respect to obtain historic breakthrough without card. 2 it is meal unit builds system of card of food all alone generally. 3 it is to carry out food sanitation to supervise in the round quantify manage by different levels. 4 it is sanitation of unit of active promotion meal supervisory state of affairs is public show a system, stimulative consumer participates in food sanitation to supervise the work. 5 it is countrywide bromatoxism and level of control of precaution of disease of the sex that feed a cause get rising. During special punish, the whole nation reports in all bromatoxism incident 177, toxic 4047 people, compare respectively the corresponding period dropped 2006 15.3% with 39.9% , the number since bromatoxism happening and hair stranger number are compared the corresponding period dropped apparently 2006, sufficient report gives special punish to be versed in oppose raises sanitation of countrywide meal industry the positive effect of bromatoxism of level, precaution and play of respect of alvine path contagion.

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