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Summerly city county is special punish ensures meal consumes safety
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Since this year, sanitation of summerly city county executes the law supervisory place asks according to upper concerned section, take effective measures, begin meal to consume work of safe and special repair seriously, increase pair of meal units to superintend strength, meal of cogent safeguard masses consumes safety. Up to now, already to entire county 307 meal unit undertook checking, ban, close down is rectified without unit of wholesome licence meal 19, unit of the meal inside the county is investigated without wholesome licence rate amount to 100% , quantify manage by different levels system executive rate is amounted to 95% , the unit that builds system of card of all alone of replenish onr's stock of food raw material is achieved 100% , obtained apparent effect.

Since special repair work is begun, this county sanitation executes the law supervisory place height takes seriously, dispatch wholesome superintendent 900 much person-time, town of cent bag entire county and villages and towns 8 an area, the task layer upon layer decompose, fulfil a person. The key is right medium or small dining room of meal, school weighs o'clock sharp twice to treat a place to undertake supervisory checking. The help coachs meal managed an unit to build wholesome supervisory archives, food to purchase check and accept card of ticket of stage Zhang, all alone, all alone and system of all sorts of sanitation, organization with replenish onr's stock, extend card of clew of wholesome supervisor warmth 1200 many, advisory desk is established in county high street, pensile scroll, extend propagandist data 2000. Announce to the society inform against a phone, start the public extensively to share special repair work.

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