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City sanitation supervises an affirmatory meal " window " unit
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A few days ago, in by a definite date the whole town meal of two many months consumes safe and special punish in the job, place be supervisoried by sanitation of city health bureau is limited company of meal of master of the long gold that order city certainly " window " unit.

It is reported, since countrywide meal consumes conference of work of safe and special repair to hold, in the unified arrangement of municipal government and city health bureau deploy falls, city sanitation supervised place to undertake supervisory checking to the meal unit of whole town, discover each meal unit increased wholesome investment in the examination, built relatively perfect sanitation management system, the wholesome quality of course of study of whole town meal rises apparently, also emerge at the same time reveal a batch to treat limited company of meal of city gold master in order to grow to be a delegate " window " unit. Limited company of golden master meal regards the old brand meal of the our city as the unit, all through the ages pays attention to inside sanitation management, rely on to raise wholesome quality to seek to live on put, want beneficial result.

Undertook rebuilding in the round again this year extend, the layout that makes machine a place and flow more hasten is reasonable. It is especially during special punish, carried out constant organization in the round, often rectify, of Chang Qingjie, convention model, constant self-discipline " method of 5 constant management " , make the sanitation management of the unit rose again an administrative levels. All article of kitchen, dining-room arrive greatly treatment facilities, small the cup drinking water to employee, accomplish the fixed position that decide a dot, classification to deposit entirely, management of person specially assigned for a task, responsibility is clear, put an end to thoroughly " busier randommer, randommer busier " phenomenon. Come for years, golden master did not produce bromatoxism and food pollution event one case, good public praise was established in the client.

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