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Hunan will carry out meal wholesome supervisory information is public show a car
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Meal inn repast arrives after, can see what hang outside meal inn first " wholesome supervisory information is public show a shop sign " , if fair show inn of this meal on the card to exist in wholesome respect flaw, the citizen can choose to look to other meal inn. Yesterday, save wholesome hall to announce " special repair work sums up safety of consumption of Hunan Province meal " (abbreviation " summary " ) leaked afore-mentioned informations.

Basis " sum up " , I save various sanitation to supervise the orgnaization is inside meal unit or street create wholesome supervisory news fair show a shop sign, publish the wholesome supervisory opinion to meal unit to the society, make consumer can witting the wholesome state of meal unit, choose safe meal consumption thereby, complete province builds meal to consume safety in all wholesome supervisory information is public show a shop sign 28958, this one practice that I save gets superintend and director of Ministry of Public Health checks the high evaluation of the group. My province will carry out wholesome supervisory information in the round fair show a system, through to the society fair show food sanitation safe credit spends inferior meal unit, let what its accept a society supervise, let the market promote its to rectify and reform.

100% sides help unit of the meal that do not have card up to improve sanitation

Office organization checks and accept province sanitation the group is right meal of 14 city state consumed work of safe and special repair to undertake serious check and accepting, up to on December 15, 2007, the circumstance that meal consumes target of work of safe and special repair to finish is: The meal unit of dining room and county above city 100% built replenish onr's stock of food raw material to all alone card alls alone the ticket checks and accept system and Zhang of the stage that register; Various sanitation supervises an orgnaization to run an unit to having sanitation licence meal investigate rate amount to 100% ; Use die in one's bed to the meal unit of dining room and county above city or the cultivate birds with unidentified cause of death and its goods and the supervisory examination that uses poisonous and harmful material to machine food behavior is enclothed rate achieved 100% , put an end to use die in one's bed or the cultivate with unidentified cause of death, birds and its goods and the act that use poisonous and harmful material to process food; Save large bromatoxism accident to decrease apparently completely, according to be opposite last year 9, the statistic December, omit the has number, bromatoxism number of bromatoxism happening completely, and bromatoxism death number parts relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 37.8% , 22.5% , 67.4% .

I save requirement sanitation supervisor to be opposite the normative side of unit of the meal that do not have card is helped up rate achieve 100% .

I saved food sanitation safety to violate a case to investigate last year reach the designated position, heavy o'clock sharp treats the job to fulfil. A few violate behavior badly to get be investigatinged in time, the phenomenon that fights a law to reject to superintend decreases apparently. According to not complete count, since September, complete province investigates meal to violate a case 6024 cases in all, punish the amount that do not have a paragraph two million six hundred and fifty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, among them, put on record is investigated 1300 cases, move send a judiciary 23 cases, investigate criminal duty 9 people  is investigated without food sanitation licence meal runs an unit 11318, revoke sanitation licence 40.
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