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Unit of Baoding city meal begins to tag wholesome grade
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On December 29, 2007, the prominent place that door of Baoding town Ministry of Public Health begins to be in whole town class A and unit of B class meal are big is installed " sweet clew " , indicate the wholesome level of this dining-room.

Baoding city is spent by wholesome state, credit, the respect such as repast risk, whole town 772 dining rooms and meal of 3407 counties above run an unit, undertake quantifying administrative grade assess entirely. Whole town has class A unit 40, b class 2467, c class 1612, d class 60. Accomplish hard on this foundation establish a model, raise a batch; Supervise and urge rectify and reform, standard a batch; Execute the law strictly, ban a batch, whole is advanced in carry of the archives on chophouse, build the repast environment that a safety is at ease for consumer.

Consumer discovers the problem can be informed against in time to wholesome supervisory branch, inform against a phone: 0312-3353160, 3353185.

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