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Tall hotel of price of water of meal place wine rolls out par wine water
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Abnormal of price of water of meal place wine is tall, already was denounced by people a long time. Recently, a public house of Nanchang town rolls out par wine water, wine water is same sell by supermarket price. This one act is caused in industry of this city meal not small shake --

To consumer, the wine water price that meal enterprise sells compares a supermarket in should tall many it is a common phenomenon. Before a many month, a public house of town of Jiangxi province Nanchang is avowed roll out par wine water, the wine water in the hotel and average supermarket a price. Since this hotel executes wine level value to sell, do consumer and industry feedback how? Should manage during hotel Spring Festival how? Whether can you hold to this one mode? Taking these issues, the reporter undertook interviewing.

Water of cafeteria par wine accepts favour

On December 28, 2007, the meal of Nanchang city is steel hotel announces, begin to roll out par wine water from that day, wine water is same sell by average supermarket price. This one act caused wide attention in Nanchang city.

On Feburary 11, the reporter sees in this hotel, hanging inside the hall write have " choose and buy of price of wine water supermarket " the propagandist banner of model of written characters. On the goods shelves of the hotel filled up with the water of of all kinds wine such as beer, red wine, liquor, and be stuck have price tag. Xue Bi, coke 2 yuan / listen, Wang Laoji 3.5 yuan / listen, 8 ° of Nanchang beer 3.6 yuan / bottle, Gong Niu 5.5 yuan / listen, 5 years 4 especially 75 yuan / Gan Gong of bottle, dynasty 35 yuan / bottle, , the wine water price in the price of these wine water and bazaar, supermarket is similar, want than average public house low 40% , customer is OK and own choose and buy. "We roll out par wine water, want to invite customer namely obviously white white, real spending. " the meal is Hu Chunlin of steel hotel president tells a reporter, after activity of par wine water is rolled out, got the extensive welcome of consumer. Before the Spring Festival, the rate of seat of honour of the hotel arrives by the 70% growth previously 90% , the rate of seat of honour on the weekend was to achieve more 100% . "During the Spring Festival, the wine water consumption of our hotel is to grow considerably more, 60% what wine water consumes amount to occupy a client to consume total amount, below the condition that added a seat in the hotel, rate of seat of honour still was achieved 100% . " " a bottle 4 special wine 138 yuan, one canister is canned Wang Laoji 3.5 yuan, a bottle of Zhang Yu dismiss 100 offer 98 yuan, and compare before, gross and cheap 62.5 yuan. Such act, our consumer welcomes of course. " in the Nanchang citizen of this hotel repast Mr Chen said to the reporter so that day. "Because the wine water price of the hotel is expensive,consumer is returned mostly from the water that take wine is, the hotel goes up to have a meal to always be met before me try every means carries wine water oneself. The hotel sells par wine water, I am willing to be bought in this for certain. " a consumer says. Many consumer express, hope the act of this hotel can change meal enterprise to get the guild regulations of sudden huge profits through selling wine water at high price.
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