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Ethical dining-room bright characteristic seeks Spring Festival business chance
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Nearly two days, the reporter visited metropolis discovery of dining-room of characteristic of 5 the Uygur nationality, these ethical dining-room make full text on ethical characteristic, with period cut a cake from inside market of inviting Spring Festival meal.

Make dining room of characteristic card nation one after another " prepare for war "

V/arc be on the throne the dining-room of ancient De Lanbao at the road austral peace, the reporter sees this dining-room moves smokeless oven into dining-room. Dining-room controller introduces, such doing is to satisfy the guest's requirement, the guest is OK the side side that bake eats, have self-help distinguishing feature, many jubilation should be attracted during the Spring Festival oneself start work the citizen of barbecue. Last year during the Spring Festival, dining-room can recieve the tourism group repast of 9 more than 20 people everyday, it is capacity audience everyday almost, predict the business this year also is met very good. Be opposite to answer this year Spring Festival market, dining-room still is rolled out advocate cake of shrimp of hit fascia dish mutton chop, dogmeat.

Ai Zezi of castle of cate of library Er feeling is big manager introduces, restaurant is located in international bus to plunge into, itself has positional advantage. During the Spring Festival, besides the Uygur nationality traditional hand catchs the flesh, barbecue to wait, library Er feeling still has more than 30 kinds of Western-style food and of all kinds desert and ice-cream and cookbook of more than 20 kinds of Chinese meal to choose for the guest.

Salamu of manager of castle of cate of library Er feeling has hope relatively to the business circumstance during the Spring Festival, he says to travel in summer busy season, the visitor that welcomes everyday is in 1000 people above, turnover everyday 40 thousand multivariate, during the Spring Festival although be opposite off-season, but daily turnover also can exceed 10 thousand yuan during predicting festival.

Salamu expresses, xinjiang is area of multiracial inhabit a region, each people culture also blends each other, during division of ancient Er state, fleshy Zi section, many Moslem brethrens ask friend of the Han nationality to come ethical dining-room has a meal, the ethical friend that there also can be citizen of very much the Han nationality to ask his during believing the Spring Festival comes dining-room repast.

When accepting a reporter to interview, citizen Yan says by force: "The affirmation when the Spring Festival should ask a friend to come out to get together together. Oneself have many minority friends, when asking them to have a meal, affirmation should respect the custom habit of these friends, so can first consideration goes ethical dining-room repast. So can first consideration goes ethical dining-room repast..

Savor the taste of itself besides dish, of cafeteria decorate a style to also be become sell a site. "Tibet " personally in triumphal way the Milaji of 2 alley depends on its typical Na Jiang interior decoration style is numerous client hep. On January 29 afternoon, the reporter was encountered here come to the Shanghai that Xinjiang is away on official business person Chen Tao, he is in an university of classmate king gentleman accompany come down to have a meal, he says to like the environment here very much, do not have amorous feelings of the Western Regions.
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