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Meal business shop invests a lesson: The program should be considerate detail no
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Meal business well-done can get rich, buy the business store that can become meal then, rent the family does meal next flat perhaps oneself are done, also invest first selection with respect to what became a lot of people. But meal business shop is spread unlike general business after all, should have connected on the program above all, it is good to there still are each respects such as smeary processing to must design a program beforehand even in wind of water, report, coal, platoon next. Establishment of any form a complete set did not reach the designated position, this meal cannot open business, the original intention of investment comes true very hard.


In October 2007, mr Zhou took a fancy to Shanghai static the store of business of property right type that brings Ou Mou community to roll out, feel a sector of an area is nice, the area is likely, suit to rent particularly do meal, made 100 thousand yuan of deposit readily then, signed again before long open to booking a contract, each configuration such as the water that extends to business in the contract, report, coal made an agreement. Need three yuan of rooms after valence is paid, mr Zhou will take the property right testimony that buys business store in September in of the same age, have before long hire a guest to come.

Mr Zhou signed the contract that rent with Mr Wu that does meal, hire every months 20 thousand yuan. Arrived to decorate fast when ending, mr Wu discovers the capacitance of buy of this business laid is 5 kilowatt only, cannot do meal at all, and the gas connect inside business shop also did not reach the designated position, cause meal licence to approve no less than coming. Mr Zhou thinks, development business is planning, professional level should be had when building property, business spreads a design to blemish, configuration does not accord with meal standard now, disobeyed at the outset acceptance, ought to assume responsibility; And development business thinks, the compulsory all that the contract agrees was accomplished. Below the case that both sides cannot negotiate, mr Zhou must mention to the court lawsuit.

Comment on:

The situation that Mr Zhou encounters in this case, happen from time to tome in investment of meal business shop. Actually, because the industry pollutes meal to wait for an element badly, the government set more restriction to managing meal. In property respect, if want to do meal,business uses house property, the program needs to be approved technically via concerning a section; Still the respect such as water, report, coal, blowdown also has trade demand. Present problem is: It is development on one hand business is irresponsible, program, design, form a complete set is done not have considerate, some business shop projects are transformed by sodden poop deck, in-house setting still is the level a lot of years ago, accord with far from now standard, but say very well when the sale; It is investor does not have corresponding knowledge on the other hand, lack risk consciousness, when buying, thinking of meal business is spread only is the market popular, hire is taller than the business shop of other type, protect a value to appreciate latent capacity is opposite also bigger. Accordingly, the person that buy a house should consult line of business first before the decision invests wife person, its let make written commitment after to development Shang Wenqing concerns a situation, had better check program design even.
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