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Software writes a hand to bring up new-style hotel
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In hotel of Chinese economy chain, 7 days of hotels of Zheng Nayan are to establish later, but created Chinese hotel job however many blazing record.

2 0 0 5 year 7 days of hotels that establish, develop up to now average and annual the outspread rate that carried 4 0 0 % , return economy public house the rule of 60%-70% of average and outspread speed, but in fast dilate while, 7 days assured the gain ability of major door inn however, created the miracle of industry of a hotel.

Officeholder go into business writes software

1991, zheng Nayan of 23 years old graduates from computer science department of Guangzhou Zhongshan university, entered Guangdong to save classics trade appoint computational center writes software, in those days, relatively stable official works, be considered as by a lot of people " gold jobs " .

"I am Guangzhou native, and the forward position that Guangdong is in reforming and opening at that time, in eye of a lot of people, classics trade appoint the job is perfectly. " Zheng Nayan says to reporter memory.

Nevertheless, by rule " sit mechanism " Na Yan felt the Zheng that lets disposition extroversion very quickly to be tired of. 1993, zheng Nayan from classics trade appoint abdication, established with partnership of oneself senior fellow apprentice company of software of computer of service line of business, develop hotel management software, zheng Nayan is the technical backbone of the company.

"The jumping-off place of abdication is very simple, feel to be in namely classics trade appoint slow-witted move is too dull, and the thing that also is afraid that him computer major is acquired is wasted. " Zheng Nayan says, the first software of this small company sold Fosan a public house, gain of a few youths all one's life brushstroke " a huge sum of money " -- , 779 money.

First after battle win victory, they succeeded to give out hotel of a horse that covers a thousand li a day to run a system again, become Huanadi very quickly one brand, the company also ascends software of hotel of body whole nation kind before 3 of the enterprise.

To 2000, zheng Nayan has realized firewood of hundred thousands of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor. But because basically pursue technical job, what Zheng Nayan manages to the hotel at that time and sale still knows is very little.

Hit by accident bump by accident join in carry Cheng

2000, the net of the journey that carry Cheng that Shen Napeng founds begins to develop Hua Na market, plan to establish Guangzhou branch, but carry Cheng Ganggang to hold water one year right now, the company lacks a person with ability urgently.

Below occasional case, zheng Nayan carries the classmate's significance, knew the Ji Qi that prepares Guangzhou branch in Guangzhou (one of author of the combination that carry Cheng, show Han Tinglian to lock up hotel CEO) , promise to use the relationship of person arteries and veins during oneself are developing hotel software, introduce a talent for Ji Qi.
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