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Those who accelerate job of meal of development in a popular style " Chengdu pie
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Outspread competition hasten heats up the space

Luxurious wine shop rolls out 8 yuan of dish, consumption of average per capita is controlled 60 yuan only. Last year end, the price fixed position of wine shop of triumphant banquet Bin Yue caused the shaking with Chengdu meal not small line of business.

Feel " your person is fab " is consumer not just, the personage inside course of study oppugns in succession: Look from the angle of investment, with such price how Where is gain? In eristic sound, the consumer that heads for wine shop of Yue of triumphant banquet guest to experience personally however in an endless stream. To this, li Shu of chairman of Sichuan epicure association's person thinks, this positive and negative reflects the situation with an intense competition of Chengdu meal industry, in Chengdu meal market, the management space of in a popular style ceaseless and outspread.

According to statistic, year of sale of industry of meal of the Chengdu City it is many yuan 100, year increase rate is 22% , 1/5 what occupy total volume of retail sales of whole town merchandise about. At present the Chengdu City already had cafeteria amount 30 thousand, 200 thousand meal from personnel of course of study. Be in early last century end, chengdu meal industry was formed in order to include chaffy dish inside mainland plain dish is given priority to, the situation that department of ab extra dish and even confused of foreign dish extraordinary splendour assume.

It is first requirement with healthy diet

Have a kind of such views: Chengdu person is particularly sentient to eating, delicious it is good food, in so-called cate Chengdu, cafeteria spreads all over ave lane.

Meanwhile, the meal of Chengdu manages a concept to also develop in the heading that Kang Genggao carries Xiang Gengjian. Ms. Mai Jianling points out secretary-general of Sichuan epicure association: "Chengdu meal can take approach of in a popular style necessarily, but trend of such in a popular style is not to become low end absolutely product, combine Chengdu consumption level however, create ceaselessly again ' send plain dish newly ' . Create ceaselessly again ' send plain dish newly ' ..

"If say ' eat health ' the pursuit that partial person still is only a few years ago, exquisite that now healthy diet has been Chengdu great majority the person's idea. " fall in the trend of in a popular style, shi Shengli of general manager of old and well-known family of Chengdu Chengdu government office places healthy food and drink in the first place.

The medicine in the tradition has a word: "Medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill " , chengdu person is very deep to this word understanding, it is dish tastes itself to want health, 2 it is edible hind beneficial to human body. In the old experience on fungus edible, ground of have a well-thought-out plan of victory letting stone was hit " healthy diet " fascia.
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