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Shenyang China vacates Hou Yongqing of total hutch of administration of business
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Shenyang China vacates Hou Yongqing of total hutch of administration of business affairs hotel
Hou Yongqing of Screen.width-333)this.width=screen.width-333" Align=left Border=0> : Liaoning saves distant dish to fasten culture to represent a person

Liaoning saves vice-chairman of young chef club

The country is high cook division

Northward hutch art learn standing director

Party member of the administrative total hutch that mentions to work 9 years in hotels of 5 business affairs of Hua Teng love a market, Chinese Communist " Hou Ge " somewhat hear of. He from hutch 15 years, work 9 years in Hua Teng actually, he is strict to his asking, accomplished " 9 years of consistent day " to working cautious and conscientious, do with the body duty. He studies hutch art assiduously, innovate ceaselessly, learn to the other place at one's own expenses and sample all round good food tastes restaurant, the client all round 80% know him. Often consider every time the customer will to be able to let him plan dish. The client evaluates other to had been tasted, food has been tasted.

He is special " understanding " , when employee sick, he can buy a few fruits to visit. Nonlocal employee is sick, cannot come home, he can breathe out heat the meal that breathe out carries him before, after some little younger brother get hurt, he himself can take money to see a doctor for them.

I am a Party member, had gotten the thought education with old party. The mind that also should make stuff as administrative total hutch likewise works. Assure to unite a thought, solidarity. Face smother, conflagration, he rushs to may explode to be enraged of 6 liquefaction at any time alone indoor, mix calmly receive the employee that greet to move liquid gas pot safe point together.

He often modest the report that consults a client to be tasted to dish, modest accept each to see meaning. The opinion that hotel manager and employee give him is: Bearing management is good, good | , care staff, proper to thing processing, respect property, laborious, consecratory spirit is preterhuman. When prices rises, he uses makings playing role to make a lot of fancy cooked food.

Be like: " root tarry " , xianggu mushroom root, on the west the sales volume of makings playing role such as root of orchid root, leaf mustardleaf mustard is especially good.

"Well-off becomes rich beef " , use beef edge to press ripe, the sales volume such as good-sized biscuit bead is especially good.

Very much material playing role got using, "Beneficial result wants in pay, in saving, seek to live on put " the oral language that is him. It is when price is very high, he still controls wool interest rate to be in 50% , 56% .

9 years he accumulated experience of a lot of works, 9 years he is just like a photograph in that way " the face brings a smile, treat heavy difficulty, surely win " .
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