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Wine shop of city of Shenyang holiday hotel manufactures chief inspector Han Jic
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Wine shop of city of Shenyang holiday hotel manufactures chief inspector Han Jicheng Ever worked at company of garment foreign trade China trade public house, medium harbor is big public house of joint-stock treasure mountain, medium port is joint-stock and eastern bead big public house, medium city of club of city of joint-stock illustrious and influential, Shenyang greets harbor guesthouse, treasure sends round name food shop, Shengbide fort China, and the unit such as astral class hotel. Hold the position of division commander of stylist of chef, banquet, hutch early or late, manufacture the position such as total hutch of chief inspector, administration, manager, general manager.

Ever signed up for in distant Shenyang evening: "Northward false solar eclipse still edition " , publish a journal domestic and internationally " dietary science " , " Oriental cate " , " Sichuan cooking " wait for a magazine for many times to publish work.

Be in " every day food " , " lane of sauce makings the five flavors " series a series of books, " dish of the daily life of a family 1000 appearance " series a series of books, " the pickles that fume bittern " , " dish of domestic nutrition health care 365 " , " Islamic dish 365 " , " eat and drink so more healthy " series a series of books.

1989, was graduated from external affairs to serve school cooking major 1992, jackaroo one year; During the exercitation village be goinged vacationing by the Dai He austral Chemical Industry Department of place unit China notice of commendation, judge for outstanding trainee. Food of cup of first flower fining jade is obtained to carve contest gold prize during school.

After having a job 1992 up to now, entered city, province, whole nation and world contest again in succession, obtain the exceedingly good result of the gold prize for many times.

Was graduated from Heilongjiang to save brigade of business school eat to manage major of three-year institution of higher learning 1995.

Was graduated from Beijing to arrange peak meal to manage major of total hutch of manager of academic general manager, floor, administration 2004. All sorts of grooming attend for many times in succession later.
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