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Shenyang city often tastes pickles house boss / general manager Huo Zhongfu
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Shenyang city often tastes pickles house boss / general manager Huo Zhongfu
Sexual distinction: Male
Factional: Plain dish
Post: Boss / general manager
Title: Senior technician
Serve hotel name: Liaoning Shenyang city often tastes pickles house
The place visits town: Liaoning visits Shenyang town
From industry fixed number of year: 20
Hobby: Calligraphy
From art result: Excelsior always climb hutch art peak
Ever obtained honor: ◆ 2002, year obtain ◆ of silver-colored award of Liaoning cooking contest 2003, win silver-colored award of contest of the 5th cooking of countrywide, be judged to be at the same time " worker technician " title ◆ 2004, ◆ of gold prize of Shenyang food festival 2004, obtain northeast contest of hutch of 3 provinces name " reward of optimal knife work " ◆ 2006, shenyang world rich is met, the hoof of pig of original creation ancient magic art, skin that fume corrupt, acerbity hot bean curd, pickle can be appointed by world rich offer food especially. ◆ 2006, hold the position of vice-chairman of club of Liaoning aiguille chef ◆ 2006, contest of Man Hanquan banquet obtains Shenyang golden vessel award, be awarded Liaoning to save " travel Great Master " title. ◆ 2006, establish to often taste pickles house, 2.
From art experience: ◆ 1986 riverside garden club hotel of abundant of saddle hill Xin held the post of ◆ 1988 chef ◆ Shenyang Yin Xing is big 1990 hotel ◆ 1993 Shenyang times think of ◆ of close big public house beautiful 2000 city feeds government office ◆ Shenyang beauty fed government office ◆ 2002 2003 n ◆ of Huang Chaoda hotel
Ever sufferred groom:

Advocate makings: Bright red jujube 100 grams, Yuanxiao 300 grams
Complementary makings: Water sends lotus seed polished glutinous rice of 100 grams, bleb 100 grams
Condiment: White sugar oil of 100 grams, vegetable is right amount
(1) goes to big jujube the nucleus puts lotus seed, the code puts polished glutinous rice in the bowl, steam box evaporate rots on take out buckle in dish in.
(2) Yuanxiao puts the blast in the boiler that heat up oil to appear, the yellow that show gold is taken out, place it is above dish of edge and jujube tower.
(3) removes boiler additionally to boil white sugar make a silk, irrigate go up in jujube tower and Yuanxiao. Leave some of syrup to be pulled from tower needle to the end of the tower, pull candy silk repeatedly can.
Remarks: Characteristic: Gold-rimmed surround modelling is beautiful dish savors taste: Sweet and goluptious
Advocate makings: New pig forepaw 4, fruit tree 2000 grams
Complementary makings:
Condiment: Chinese prickly ash 3 grams, aniseed 5 grams, ageratum skin of 2 grams, orange 3 grams, Bai Zhi salt of 5 grams, white sugar is right amount
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