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Changsha 4 names hutch
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Changsha 4 names hutch
Hutch of name of dish of Hunan of Changsha of initial stage of the Republic of China has Xiao Ronghua, Liu Sanhe, Song Shanzhai, Bi Heqing, so-called " Changsha 4 names hutch " , each have expert good food, gain considerable fame among one's contemporaries.
Xiao Ronghua: Enjoy a name the earliest, it is at the beginning of 20 time, open remex wine cup to spray a building reasonable ask street, Fan Zhengjie the mouth on, namely today seat of cabinet of strange peak of the road in Cai E. Face a market two buildings, hall hall is refined, guest constant full. The person is like chef hand to make with savor " rice crust is holothurian " , " the tendons of beef that suckle soup " , " flower stay of proceedings does not have yellow egg " , " igneous square whitebait " dish waiting for a name, for optimal the luck to eat sth delicious.
Liusan and: Changsha east officer bridge person. At the beginning of the Republic of China year, know extol of place of extensive region of thing ginger aid for county of warlord Tan Yan, Changsha namely. In those days somebody fete Tan, Jiang Zhe, if be not Liusan and kitchener, 2 people issue chopsticks anything but. Be in after in Shandong road home products displays a house from the back, open 3 with wineshop, with " plum burn square " , " three-layer covers duckling " , " 7 stars acerbity flesh " , " the unripe slices of tripe that fry a sheep " wait for dish to be good at. He Jian advocate when Hunan, often be in 3 with wineshop dinner customer. "Wen Xi " after conflagration before long, liu Sanhe dies of illness, before business is inferior to namely.
Song Shanzhai: Change mine newly to help illicit home chef of Wei Mou formerly. In 20 time, mine side retires from army officer Liu division commander, in south initiate of bay of garden of the hemp outside the door is set " business beyond club " , collect of idle away in seeking pleasure become greatly, it is the place of fete of gigantic Shang Fugu. Advocate fast of be apt to of hutch the Song Dynasty with " red cook over a slow fire person Bao " , " a kind of dried mushroom does silk " , " the fim that suckle soup " wait for classic, renown shake temporarily. Xiao Xiang restaurant is opened at the beginning of 30 time after, become famous overnight achieve instant fame, gain profit quite abundant.
Bi Heqing: Those who be not old Changsha to know is not much, be in swallow jade wine shop in those days, with " barbecue banquet " famed 3 Hunan. Finish humanness this portion, farouche, but can study attentively, not mud is dated, and can be united in wedlock into gas, create new flavor, if Xia Qiuzhi is handed in, commonly used " chicken of evaporate of lotus leaf pink " , " armour of ham lotus root " , " 3 combine mashed vegetable or fruit (Ji, lima-bean, dateplum persimmon) " appeal of photograph waiting for dish; Chundong's season, with " ground dish burns grouse " , " fabaceous seedling fries shelled fresh shrimps " , " white eel of braise in soy sauce " wait for dish to answer city, client much support its craft, the person that cherish knows is bright.
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