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Liu Guodong of founder of dish of Chinese cooking Great Master, distant
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Liu Guodong of founder of dish of Chinese cooking Great Master, distant

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Liu Guodong:   casts  7 bite    unplugs Qun arc collapse casts  to shut M of  of discharge of  of Lu of salary Song mystery prevent Cuo of ∨ of provide for  of  of Γ of border of Cuo take an examination ofing is gnawed  Gou by Cuo of  of discharge of Ke ぃ  Cuo of  of discharge of  of approach of  Lao Xing, more than 20000 people of student, cooking of it may be said greats master, treasure knife is not old, he gives a book early or late nearly 9, the dish can of development weighs a special skill. He went to building of Hong Kong Beijing to perform champion banquet 1994, return the Russia before going early or late, malaysia, thailand, the many countries performance such as new home makes an on-the-spot investigation. Should make an appointment with Song He of Ji of unlined upper garment of American the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to be able to express a speech to learn 1998, its grand occasion by " international daily " " world daily " " astral island signs up for " wait for much home newspaper office to publish, of the same age " Oriental cate " Liu of special correpondent special interview is old, be in " Oriental cate " the transmission that front page reported to craft of Liu Pashi apprentice makes, come for years Liu old craft is preeminent renown raise China and foreign countries, published the professional article with old Liu on of all kinds the press early or late more than 100 3. Had welcomed the visitor of ten countries. Be crossed Zhu De, zhou En comes, li Xiannian, li Tie is mirrorred, make the same score Quan Shuren why, mix in the center of king discipline equality those who save city leader is kind interview.

Central leader interviews Liu old

Liu Laocan adds cooking Great Master to maintain meeting

The history of distant dish: Qian ton amine of Fei Chi ぶ is wrung be good at fragrant brandish of pain or numbness caused by cold of  of bank of the body that steal stand upright is troubled by litter of Kuo of straw of Jin  Shen sufficient lie? today churchyard of Liaoning north peaceful city) ... salt of its benefit fishing... its cultivate appropriate 4 faze, horse, ox, sheep, pig... its Gu Yousan is planted... millet, millet, paddy person. " the blister hutch mural of a grave proves the Eastern Han Dynasty that distant in relief city holds table in both hands to come up out of land, the cooking craft of in relief generation of distant of period of the Eastern Han Dynasty already had quite level. Arrived gold is acting, northerner eats convention " with Yang Weigui " . According to " loose desert writes down hear " say: "Golden person old common, fan Zaiyang but eat its meat, noble enjoys serious settle or live in a strange place to hold a skin concurrently to say in order to enter complete sheep. " visible gold is acting already banquet of be current complete sheep and follow up to now. Enter clear era, distant dish suffers Man Meng to feed wind the influence is very far, dish of palace dish, king government office, city four dish, folk dish forms the basis of distant dish. Wait for restaurant, Dalian with Shenyang Lu Mingchun group flower building and choice seafood house, bright and beautiful city the garden area that is a delegate and restaurant formed Yang Fulai of restaurant of small building of mouth of 5 Fang Zhai, battalion, distant the genre with distant first course. At the beginning of 20 centuries, elite of Beijing of distant dish derive, rash dish, shirt-sleeve full, unconscious, face, Chinese characteristic of ethical greens characteristic and northeast climate, landscape, form oneself style thereby. Distant dish is to follow the politics of Liaoning to stable, economy grows and be moved toward flourishing. Since founding a state, bureau of northeast of Central Committee of Communist Party of China is set in Shenyang nearly 30 years, liaoning is base of our country heavy industry, distant dish then " lend strength and go " , develop quickly. Liu Laoshen conceives stunt, draw spoon since 50 time at Liaoning famed hotel, become the virgin delegate of dish of Liaoning name hutch, boutique, name.
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