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Wu of hutch of wine shop of city of Shenyang holiday edifice is in charge of Zhu
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Wu of hutch of wine shop of city of Shenyang holiday edifice is in charge of Zhu Baoguo

Zhu Baoguo, in Henan into hutch grand hotel did cook in April 1993.

Big public house was ascended high to hold the post of a director in Shenyang in May 1997.

Hutch Wu director held the post of in wine shop of city of Shenyang holiday edifice in June 2004.

Come a few years, participate in below the guidance that ever vacated a teacher in teacher Zhang Ben " dish of new group distant " , " innovation northeast dish " , " lane of sauce makings the five flavors " , " distant Dong Gonglou banquet " wait for a few books write reach dish to taste make. Be in " meal science " the magazine publishs work for many times. By " dietary science " the magazine awards " most the cooking master that gets a reader to love " title. Mark and dish taste individual responsibility to be collected " collect and record of wind of hutch of name of Liaoning name division " one book.

Specialty: Be good at the high-grade dish such as swallow, Bao, wing, ginseng tasting make and have go up distinctly hair technology.

Dish the name of an article says: Bao of yellow stew Australia

Advocate makings: Bao of Australia big delicacy, on the west orchid

Burden: Secret makes yellow stew soup

The method that make: 1, Australia Bao butcher, abluent the stew in the yellow stew boiling water that secret puts to make after having the flesh, flying water comes tasty is squashy, receive hoosh juice to install dish. 2, orchid flying water accompanies an edge on the west can.

Dish tastes a characteristic: Goluptious, nutrition abounds sweet alcohol

Dish the name of an article says: Bacterium of chicken broth, loose fine and soft

Advocate makings: Water sends Song Rong

Burden: Abstain top class chicken broth, salt, pepper

The method that make: Water, drop flies after Shui Fasong fine and soft is abluent dry, in putting self-restrained top class chicken broth next, small fire Bao adds condiment about 1 hour to install a bowl can.
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