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The resume of king division division
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Basic material

Full name: Sexual distinction of king division division: Female
The age: 23 nations: The Han nationality
Marital status: Maiden height: 155
Political appearance: Party member weight: 48
Seat of registered permanent residence: Hubei visits area of summer of Wuhan city river
At present seat: Hubei visits area of summer of Wuhan city river
Highest record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Graduate school:

Active up, optimistic

Ego evaluation
Oneself ever had won scholarship during school, had done market research of health master beverage, the part-time job such as family education works, I am person honesty, self-confident, kind-hearted, can hard-working, very strong ego commands force and time view, can blend in an environment very quickly, can have handled the relation with others, although disposition is not special extroversion, but still calculate more optimistic, lively. The person that I like and comes from different country makes friend, I feel OK in that way to develop my field of vision, abound knowledge, practice a language. I also like cooking, swim, sing, travel. How to say, every aspiring person is have very much to future look forward to, I why is not same, just step social undergraduate, come out to work hard to avoid can encounter such and such setback, I also am same, but I am certain, want to have belief only, without what the thing can fall inaccessibly. But smooth rational thinks and retaliation also is otiose, I also need unit of choose and employ persons to give me the platform of an implementation ideal and retaliation, so I hope unit of choose and employ persons can give me a chance, in letting my dissolve join precious company, I believe I meet me can try certainly redound.

Limits of time of major of name of school of record of formal schooling

Service of travel of university of Hainan of three-year institution of higher learning and management in September 2003 - in July 2006

Groom the orgnaization grooms curricular time limits

Course of tourist guide of school of Hubei province tourism October 2007 - in December 2007

The gift of tongues
Foreign language language masters degree

English adroitness

Working experience
In November 2007 - up to now: Big public house of international of Wuhan male Hunan
Company property: Place of civilian battalion company belongs to an industry: Tourism / hotel
Place branch: Antechamber ministry holds the position of a post: Telephone exchange
Working description: Receive hear a telephone call, turn pick up the telephone wait for a service
Leave one's post reason: Learn to be less than what thing

In August 2007 - in October 2007: Hubei saves Chinese youth travel agent
Company property: Place of civilian battalion company belongs to an industry: Tourism / hotel
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