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Brand of Mexican type meal exits Shanghai field
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Ministry of career of China of group of Cong Baisheng meal gets confirming, the well-known trademark below this group division " tower but bell " exit Shanghai field formally already a few days ago, what its are located in Shanghai is exclusive one door inn has been shut.

Relevant controller expresses, meal of this Mexican type interlinks a brand to exit the reason of Shanghai, because,be " at present level, the meal market of Mexican gust matures not quite in China " .

Shanghai door inn already closed

The reporter saw yesterday, be located in Nanjing originally on the west the tower of crossing of road, Yellow River but bell dining room is current already by the 100 another old Chinese style that gets the better of a group snack brand " Oriental already white " be replaced. 100 get the better of a respect to express, tower but the bell already exited Shanghai field really, say " this brand henceforth won't reentrance Shanghai market, 100 get the better of a group to will make the Kendeji below the banner with all one's strength, surely win guest, surely win send urgently curtilage, Oriental already white brand of 4 big meal " .

Regard the dimensions on the world as the oldest chain meal brand that provides Mexican type food, tower but the bell has more than 7000 chain dining room in 50 cities of the United States at present, country of other of alive bound and area also have great progress. This brand on May 21, 2003 China of make one's bow, opened 3 doors store early or late, among them Shanghai, shenzhen two, at present the door inn of Shenzhen still is in operation.

Mexican gust is ineffective

The reporter comments on net Shenzhen to stand to see in the masses, go for the most part tower but the deadbeat that inn of Zhong Shen Zhen has consumed is right the environmental atmosphere of its door inn admires substantially, "Every time transient inn of city of their home center when, be decorated by theirs impel must think very much, colourful, let a person very appetitive feeling. " netizen " orange the world " comment on provide quite representative.

As to food, deadbeat people comment on commend differ. Netizen Beyondrachel dot comments: "Beverage looks very cheap, very absorbing, margaret 15 yuan, red bayberry juice 18 yuan, first-rate drink. Inside the Cheesecake that Marblecheesecake is me to had eaten of count as one of the best. " Eastya expresses: "Not be particularly authentic Mexico meal, but individual thing tastes still is pretty good. But individual thing tastes still is pretty good..

Also have partial deadbeat not quite be used to its taste. Netizen Jamiewus comments on: "Seem to had eaten twice to did not go again. Not be to say dish is done badly, just taste is really incorrect the appetite of our Chinese. For instance that hoecake, taste flavour is quite strange, the sauce that touchs tomato and flavor eats, flavour is stranger. " still a few deadbeat think " food sex price is compared not tall " .
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