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Quan Jude: Why can roast duck fly on a day?
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9 trade day of 8 second harden, relatively issue valence to rise 590% , be stopped for many times the personage inside card line of business thinks, its taste card value to reach management mode is to be chased after to hold a reason in both hands.

Year old at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign, chinese stock market by " duck " agitate must be not gotten quiet. 9 trade recently day is consecutive 8 harden, stock price relatively issue valence to rise 590% , at present city is filled with rate be as high as 196 times, mad expression of Quan Jude lets the market do it not only in an uproar, superintendency orgnaization interrupts his infrequently also again and again " normal " trade. In mad go up near after a week, quan Jude stops with dropping eventually yesterday board open quotation opened this week trade prelusive. Superintending a branch however already below the premise of be ready in take action, quan Jude whether will still this week continue to traded 9 times in the past the insanity of day? And its record-breaking 196 times city is filled with rate will when is ability regression rational? Everything remains to open.

Roast duck " mad " 78.56 yuan! Share price is expensive cross roast duck

Face Quan Jude (002186) share price last week " tell a truth scarcely " go situation, an investment is small successful investor can'ts help plainting to the reporter, such stock is dare not touch. "Be hype completely, this week is about to drop. " he is very affirmative the ground expresses to the reporter.

And fly in 2 class market towering Quan Jude, appear on the market till now trade time still is less than two months, but in this short time, its share price experienced dramatic change. Since appear on the market, because experience successive harden for many times, quan Jude stock is handed in greatly place stays a card 3 times. Only with after December 10 9 trade day of computation, quan Jude appeared actually 8 breathtaking harden, 78.56 yuan of share price that 5 newspapers receive last week already relatively issue valence to rise nearly 590% . Market personage play says, in Beijing Quan Jude's chain joins in inn, the cheapest roast duck sells 78 yuan, its share price is more expensive than roast duck price now.

More interesting is, 5 Quan Jude open quotation are handed in greatly last week what stop a card, and 10:30 after answer card 3 minutes short, successive large sheet is bought help share price quickly once more rise harden board, but passed 4 minutes only, a huge sum casts sheet general harden board is opened quickly, below the share price inside the time that does not arrive ten minutes defeat evens more 13% . After rich is being experienced a few rounds to weichi later, share price stability is in Quan Jude 75-76 yuan between, but draw near a few of closing quotation large sheet help share price once more litre to harden board.

The reporter appears on the market from Quan Jude up to now share price goes see in situation, its appear on the market the first day open quotation almost will all orgnaization before this forecast swing in back far. And in a week trade in time, quan Jude was to experience more infrequent rise to fall greatly greatly, share price is quick after developing 48.48 yuan apogee fall after a rise, lowest once issued explore to reach 34.84 yuan, under price of first days of open quotation 36.81 yuan. And after left and right sides of experience a week is adjusted, quan Jude share price is started once more go up madly big screen.
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