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Enterprise of old name meal considers collecting fees to polybag
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Yesterday, delegate of city National People's Congress, get together De Huatian accuses a Zhu Yuling of limited company general manager to divulge, wine shop of garden of wineshop of its subordinate arenaceous boiler room, delicate eyebrows, music considering be in the polybag that place sells to use external after June 1 this year undertakes collecting fees.

Current, get together meal of De Huatian's subordinate many 20 old names, box of used polybag, eat sells not to collect fees outside. Introduce according to a controller of old name, because do not collect fees, need the meal that two boxes can bale only obviously, want 34 boxes to be installed respectively, waste is created on certain level.

The delegate says Zhu Yuling: "To answer national policy, we are considering be after June 1, to polybag, outside cost price of collection of box selling food. " he says, this kind of product that actually dining-room place uses is not much, cost is not high also, the main purpose that collect fees is waste to decrease.

Additional, the delegate still expresses Zhu Yuling, the eat case that dining-room uses now is but degradation is plastic make, reduce the pollution to the environment as far as possible.

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