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Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is suspected of Kendeji tort may be investigated
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If Wuhan sets his mind at,add of application of food industry limited company exhibits this brand, want file all ready only and pay fee, add exhibits application to be met by approve of national brand bureau, brand is special authority will last 10 years since August 14, 2007.

Wang Hao expresses, wuhan sets his mind at food industry limited company is in jural the right invites lawsuit to Kendejidi, whether does Kendeji need to compensate for, indemnity how many, should see Wuhan completely set one's mind at if food industry limited company manages where. And once Kendeji is suspected of brand tort, although Wuhan sets his mind at,food industry limited company was not found out, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is OK also put on record is investigated.

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