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Fleshy price perch runs old name to make sure sauce flesh is ceaseless archives
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Beijing evening paper signs up for dispatch (reporter Huang Hua) although exalted moving position is in before pork price part, but the capital is ripe during the Spring Festival fleshy products won't appear because of issue of raw material price supply archives. At present each old names are in intensify driving make the pork kind goods in order to ensure Spring Festival market is supplied.
The reporter was in yesterday of an industrial district of horse of Yu Shunyi gold big 3 annulus food produces a workshop to see, one word discharges nearly 30 caldron that boil hoof of the flesh that make sauce, pig, whole workshop is busy and orderly. Big Zhao Changcai shows 3 link general manager, the Spring Festival is big this year the cooked food such as hoof of pig of ancon of cook over a slow fire of bowel of the sauce flesh that 3 annulus will have at least 350 tons of citizens to love, garlic, red jujube, chrysanthemum puts in the market, breed will achieve more than kinds 70. Day blessing date also is produced in the put into high gear before the section.
The reporter sends the terminal market such as collect of the ground, water to understand anew, at present live pig supply still slants little, increase plus demand of the market before the section, price of the pork before predicting Spring Festival still will maintain higher level.

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