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How long can Quan Jude fly?
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To old name, capital is important segment admittedly, but what its develop keep within limits is essential, it is system and the lag that manage a concept however.

Nearly of Chinese stock market performs one act myth again- - baked ripe duck to fly on a day unexpectedly!

On November 20, 2007, old name Quan Jude (002186) is in Shenzhen exchange medium and small businesses board hang out one's shingle appear on the market, the miracle begins at this point: 23 short trade meridian, the stock of enterprise of this old brand pulled 9 harden board, share price does not rise to 12 yuan of violent wind from initial cost price reach nearly 80 yuan, let everybody be surprised. Even investor thinks: Quan Jude's share price will exceed 100 yuan during the Olympic Games, be about the same with Maotai.

However, good times don't last long, hand in place greatly to receive card inspect continuously can unusual to Quan Jude share price warning, instruct Quan Jude to stop a card for many times to be checked in order to cooperate. And its share price, also be inside a week shrink is close 20% !

Only then the old name that the Quan Jude that was built 1864 regards Chinese meal as the industry, entering field of A stock market is what people's expectations puts in 's charge originally. World brand considers to make clear: Of Quan Jude evaluate value to had achieved ten billion six hundred and thirty-four million yuan, make trade of our country meal the first brand. After entering 2 class market however, the price like switchback makes industry very anxious however: Itself runs system with respect to the old name that shows delicate in health slightly, can withstand this kind of do sth over and over again?

Of old name help straw?

Beg the leading wild goose of rich capital market as old name, can find the direction of management of old name of Chinese great majority from Quan Jude body.

Enter the Quan Jude of capital market successfully, with one action develops procuration for the enterprise more than 400 million yuan development capital, the old name that lets a lot of deep-set property right, dimensions, system and sale mode predicament people saw dawn of a gleam of it seems that.

And it is behind Quan Jude, enterprise of meal of much home of first class of fish of small fat sheep, Tan also began to appear on the market pace, hope through appearing on the market collect collects money gold, enlarge Dalian locks up operation. To this, the letter builds in cast Shen Zhouxiang of negotiable securities analyst to express to be anxious: "Market of capital of be covetous on of old name company, outside dividing financing, borrow appearing on the market to implementation standard manages and promote a brand value also should be his serious consideration. "And a lot of advantages and disadvantages of brand of service of old name meal is reflected centrally was in on Quan Jude body- - the contradiction that brand value differs high with administrative ability cannot get settlement from beginning to end, the hope borrows appear on the market achieve bouncing type progress, but before appearing on the market, are these enterprises ready really?
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