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Kendeji Chinese meal brand head into Beijing brand of 40 big meal gathers togeth
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Yesterday, the brand of Chinese style snack that Kendeji issues the standard " Oriental already white " introduce Beijing, garrison directly building of T3 boat station. East is the mainland that company of this meal that cross a state founds in China turns a brand in vain already, circle buccal name a bit, come from Yu Sushi " Chibi is endowed with " .

Type treating food can know east already white striking Chinese distinguishing feature -- the meal of dry boiler chicken of plain flavour, the classical 4 happy event on Shanghai bake bran, the tea with milk wishing elder sister of harbor of another name for Guangdong Province, and the meal of flesh of sweet ala bittern that comes from treasure island Taiwan. Of course, also have Kendejite's lubricious product a little among them, for example wing of hemp hot chicken and egg whip.

100 get the better of Su Jingshi of president of group China division to emphasize, east is in vain already " Kendeji Chinese style snack of the standard " , "Those who have Kendeji is high quality " , "90 seconds desirable " , the Kendeji that He Baisheng at the same time the banner issues, surely win the brand such as the guest is shared supply chain, deserve to send the resource such as the system.

Su Jingshi says, in establish after the standard operates circuit, east already was not satisfied at 13 dining-room of Shanghai in vain already, want to extend countrywide market however, even international market. March a station choice of Beijing in building of airport boat station, oriental already expression of white Wang Qi of brand general manager gets concise and comprehensive: "It is to receive the Olympic Games. "It is to receive the Olympic Games..

Many meal brands happen to have the same view with the 100 idea that get the better of actually. Reporter discovery, from east already Bai Buyuan, burger king also opens the first storefront that gave Beijing field.

Development of capital airport meal manages Zhang Zhifang of limited company general manager to tell a reporter, building of new boat station realized meal first the brand of 100% is changed, covered brand of 40 famous meal and inn of 64 meal door among them, include not only among them 100 the Kendeji that gets the better of a banner to fall, surely win guest, still have the international brand such as Buck of Mcdonald's, star, Hagendasi.

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