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Kendeji brother -- east enters capital in vain already
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Brotherly brand of Kendeji -- east was in Beijing capital airport formally a few days ago in vain already settle of building of new boat station. Eve of 2008 Beijing grand meeting, east is in the capital airport that regards Beijing as important window in vain already the practice of building of new boat station, showed cate of China of convention of a part and contemporary meal industry to the guest of the whole nation and even whole world the brand of Chinese style snack of perfect union. This action, adumbrative move passes nearly 3 years after brewing, oriental already white formal blow the bugle that marchs toward the whole nation from Shanghai.

Regard snack of this Chinese style as the introducer of the brand, 100 in success, Su Jingshi of president of pragmatic trade department is in speak of when why can using the name that east has poetic flavour this extremely in vain already, say: "Actually special expectation has our Chinese a brand of snack of successful Chinese style that is famous in the whole world, oriental already white, on behalf of us east shined, represented what protect snack of accurate Chinese style high to be born and rise abruptly. Represented what protect snack of accurate Chinese style high to be born and rise abruptly..

So, regard Kendeji's brother as the brand, oriental already white from 2005 one be born, be fixed eyes upon by all circles. Because she is having rear,be in China successful operation is worn above all of course Kendeji, surely win the most professional group of the brand such as the guest, the system that having the most perfect, maturity is supporting; More important is, this is enterprise of a meal that cross a state what a when found in China first complete mainland changes is brand-new brand, and return before unlike basic it is a few successes of foreign, will mature brand transplanting goes to China.

Although, 100 get the better of already entered China 20 years, fostered to provide a success to manage experience extremely, know Chinese food deeply again, the elite group that gives priority to with the Chinese. However, the Chinese meal that lets a tradition can reach the level of contemporary and Western-style meal truly, even if right 100 get the better of for, it is a very big test as before. Nevertheless, passed try hard ceaselessly and struggle, oriental already white group fumbles eventually the pattern of brand of Chinese style snack that gave a success, let reach high level of Kendeji truly in vain already eastward.

Practice that day, oriental already Wang Qi of white brand general manager orders meal for the guest

Product: High quality China cate

What go after a product assiduously from beginning to end in vain already eastward is high quality, go up in this bit, oriental already but group of white product research and development is elaborative, through concentration superior raw material, elaborate research and development cooks a program to wait, made sure the product is delicate and delicious. Oriental already one of white fascia dish are vinegar of secret refine sugar is small meal, its are main raw material is platoon of pig costal region, with tailor-made sauce slow fire is stewed boil two hours, sweet thick tasty, match again with appetizing northeast rice, aftertaste letting a person is boundless. The face of bright eggplant beef in cooked wheaten food more it may be said is elaborative, around is passed 15, 6 working procedure, choose the flesh the bovine rib of tender little muscle, the beef former juice of Zun Yinong gloomy and fresh tomato, beautiful of lubricious flavour all.
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