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Chinese meal interlinks market of travel of race to control to should pay attent
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Because of,the author analyses its Central Plains, advocate the secret that if these interlink meal hotel to fail to find,shares travel market competition, have no the sale shift of innovation, cannot form competitive advantage consequently, can see the heavy traffic before writing door of other public house helplessly only, front courtyard of oneself door front door is desolate. So, how should when is meal hotel participating in the competition of travel market, chain make good innovation sale? How can ability gain a success in chain meal service industry? Should be like the product characteristic that why brings up oneself inside the industry again, make a famous brand? The author thinks, the following should be the fixed position of shifts of these hotel innovation sale, hold this when, ability of chain meal hotel is quite in competition get victory, contend for so that one sells share on the market of travel passenger source with thriving prosperity.

It is to use exact product location to attract passenger source. Exact market fixed position is the premise that the industry survives and develops, it can attract customer not only and the reliance that can win customer more. Because only exact location just can let consumer have trustful feeling, the product ability of then enterprise leaves deep impression to consumer. Chain meal hotel is when sale, the most crucial one step is regard main goal client as crowd of which one part, regard travel scene as area and travel city, tourist group of this one target should be one of main passenger source. What the change of fixed position brings is politic change, go up in management concept and strategy so, want to cater to the client's demand. Passenger source of fixed position tourist, management characteristic should be put in local name to eat to go up with characteristic cate, nonlocal tourist comes this, the purpose goes sightseeing namely, shop and sample cate is fastfood, the cate name that runs rich and colorful of politic fixed position eats, the public praise after the tourist samples is publicized, will create more passenger source markets to the hotel.

Had target market fixed position and sale way, the product that interlinks meal hotel or service are mixed in content, management means respect of establishment of soft, hardware just meets the competitor that goes up with target market to be distinguished somewhat, because characteristic is bright, personalized service and specific aim are strong, found the ground of oneself base oneself upon in the competition that shares travel market. Travel for instance resort Hangzhou, as a result of a few medium or small chain hotel is located in tourist target market surely, go out ceaselessly on sale shift new, market competition ability is very strong, cause a lot of once enterprise of temporarily large meal exits scene gradually meal market, submissively let hotel of numerous chain meal.

2 be representative product should be rolled out in manage. Regard meal as the industry, differ somewhat with other industry on management means, old brand of meal course of study is to let consumer remember characteristic is familiar with slowly after the brand first, essay card is to let consumer remember the brand remembering slowly after characteristic first. Say so, wh whichever industry, need to have competitor cannot me-too ability 朮 and unique service kind, such, ability lets a client be filled with the door, especially meal course of study, had a person to enrage ability to be able to create benefit, it is very important to have representative work.
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