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Tokyo sells cetacean lunch outside cafeteria of going from place to place
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Cafeteria of a flow was in Tokyo yesterday menu sells to go up outside lunch, added the new cooked food of cetacean curry, attracted a lot of curious customers.

Prohibit as a result of international whale, japanese eats cetacean meat very less already.

Do business with small freight car " Asian lunch " the company claims, they are in Tokyo shopping centre everyday but work off 1000 to 1500 cetacean curry handy, client group the person that reachs many years old 40 with 20 years old is in the majority, every handy it is about 650 to 700 yen (about 8.6 arrive 9.3 new yuan of) .

When speaking of Japanese whale activity sufferring international condemn, a Japanese engineer of 24 years old expresses, foreigner not 讚 becomes whale, he can understand, this truth does not like Korean pork having a dog like a lot of Japanese same.

A few clients hesitate a bit in the begining eat whale, a few express after eat, still can try again.

From 1986 international prohibits since whale, japanese eats cetacean meat less already, but the loophole that for research hunt allows to kill whale in still using an agreement, continue whale works.

Taste 嚐 whale cruelly oppress to encourage a youth, japan has rolled out the hamburger that makes with cetacean flesh before this.

Recently, one acquires the cetacean flesh supplier that Japanese authorities supports, specially and " Asian lunch " arrange with. Latter is in after rolling out cetacean curry lunch, still plan to supply the cetacean flesh cooked food of a variety of different taste.

Japan develops the most large-scale whale activity this month, and include the humpback for the first time catch reduce list, caused the anger of western country, especially Australia and Niuxilan.

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