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This year raise town public house " Christmas big eat " the price does not poor
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Although be apart from christmas to still have time of a month, breath of Christmas of Dan Yang city already gradually thick, hotel of each big star class is investment goes to an early energy more " Christmas big eat " on preparation, roll out from each hotel nevertheless " Christmas birth big eat " price-list looks, but the price does not poor, every 400 yuan differ to 980 yuan.

Raw material rises in price this year, bring about " Christmas big eat " price when the river rises the boat goes up too. Director of field of ministry of sale of garden international big public house introduces, this hotel prepared christmas day two Christmases evening party, have the song and dance, activity such as lottery at the appointed time, of this inn " Christmas big eat " the price is in 400 yuan surely / ; New century big public house will be rolled out since December 23 " Christmas big eat " , 23 days with 25 days " Christmas big eat " the price is 880 yuan / , price of 24 days is 980 yuan / . According to reporter investigation, book " Christmas big eat " the firm client that half above is a hotel, their be fond of buys the costliest class " Christmas big eat " , with will give a client.

The reporter discovers in interview, partial hotel already exceeded traditional Spring Festival in the investment on christmas. "What christmas brings for the hotel is the opportunity that a market shares, everybody does not want to abandon easily. " controller of a few hotels thinks, everybody is grabbed feed " Christmas big eat " , do not count on to earn how many money in the evening. Such festal activity, more meaning depends on showing the meal level of the hotel and concoctive ability, helpful to promoting hotel whole image.

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