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Xiamen international can exhibit a hotel to roll out Mexican food festival
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Mention can you remember Mexico some of what? The white tooth outside bronze-coloured skin is being shown in desert medium cacti, arrogant wild Latin dance, bright and clear smiling expression... but your may not knows Mexican cooked food also is famous world one of departments of 5 big vegetable, as Chinese meal, mexican cate also has close the history 5000.

Will come on November 23 during December 2, international can exhibit a hotel to be rolled out solely " Mexican food festival " , in the dining hall of happy sea center that fills Mayawen to turn lasting appeal, present traditional gust cate by heating power of JudeSebastianJonathan of Mexican name hutch, invite you to sample " the most romantic wine " -- pulque, mexico this is mixed with sunshine beside the good amorous feelings of ancient country of enthusiastic and celebrated central america civilization takes you.

Mexico is the birthplace of chili, call " the world the 2nd hot " country, cross 100 kinds of chili to make a person dazzling, also made the distinguishing feature of Chinese ink dish. Mexican food is raw material with corn more, spring roll of zhongzi of hoecake, samp, corn, corn... without number. A kind of hoecake that is called Taco has distinguishing feature most, pouch state is formed after making wafer with corn fry in shallow oil, eat Shi Kegen to join the gallinaceous cutlet that carbon bakes or beef sauce according to be fond of, silk of rejoin tomato, lettuce, hoecake has the burden such as department, color is rich, be like artwork kind. After the package is nice, put into the mouth to be bitten, crisp is born outside, have however inside sweet, hot, acerbity, sweet each flavour completely, call a person really " love not commentate mouth " . Mexican hot beef is a kind of gust absolutely, its uniqueness depended on putting two kinds of chili, one kind is chili, additionally one kind is the chili that is called Chipotlf, beef is cut very brokenly, there still is mud of kidney bean, potato to wait inside, taste is top-ranking. The gust of Mexican dish greatly have the aid of the action of sauce. For instance rub strap braised chicken of sweetgrass thick chili sauce, deserve to reach the grumous sauce that a variety of raw ingredient nut are adjusted and becomes in order to use 4 kinds of chili of Mexican mainland, spice namely, piquancy is taken in aroma. Braised chicken uses the condiment such as chili, salt first souse is good, after decoct is good, although do not irrigate juice very enough also flavour, nevertheless alone can be door sauce tasted how again? Irrigate going up is more after sauce sweet, want to sample one time really!

What make person strange more is draft fruit also but with respect to Mexican chili, dipping in mango or orange chili pink, really " of the world big, without surprise not to have " . The pulque that makes with wine of century plant leaf is Mexico one old special local product, the most traditional drinking a way is asperse leftward back thumb to be in with fine salt, lick some of salt with the tongue next, juice is chewed in putting a lemon the entrance again, then big mouth drinks cups of whole next wine, salt is right now clear acerb, wine heats up salty, lemon hot, mix to coordinate comfortable flavour into a kind, therein flavor, do not drink do not know, beautiful!
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