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Plain change 300 bosses " dig gold " urban and rural as a whole
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"Change look forward to hits Sichuan, plain look forward to also should be hit into Chongqing! " yesterday, the 2nd extensive encircles peak of collaboration of chamber of commerce to be able to satisfy Ning Ju to go in Sichuan into change economy, 300 entrepreneur and heat of elite of chamber of commerce are talked " urban and rural as a whole, cooperative win-win " . The spot signs about 28 projects, total amount exceeds 2.8 billion yuan. Two ground chamber of commerce mixes plain change enterprise general hand in hand " dig gold " as a whole division of urban and rural test.

Foster 5000 farmers boss

This year, chongqing and Chengdu in pairs are planned as a whole for the whole nation by approval division of test of reform of urban and rural and integrated form a complete set. Zhang Min of chairman of chamber of commerce of Chongqing city Sichuan introduces, at present Chongqing company invests 28.8 billion yuan to already evened more in Sichuan, and Sichuan amounts to 2 million person in change businessman, initiate enterprise amounts to 50 thousand.

Urban and rural the farmer after planning as a whole can go into town not only Wu labour, still but oneself become a boss. Does the farmer suit to be in what domain does poineering work? Chairman of chamber of commerce of Chongqing city Sichuan, Chongqing bright and beautiful sunshine Zhang Min of president of group of pottery and porcelain thinks, developing aquaculture is to go up beautiful choice.

Zhang Min discloses, oneself are subordinate bright and beautiful sunshine company decision and southern group do aquaculture together, peace is satisfied to build the large base that raise a pig in Fu hill and Sichuan, introduce abroad to plant the pig hands in local farmer to raise, offer for its at the same time without feed of social effects of pollution, fat pig gives column to be united by the company buy, predict this makes an appointment with education 5000 farmers boss.

Eat look forward to " embrace a group " order large sheet to Sichuan

5 bottles rice is being shot big make base of property of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight duck; Chaffy dish of Mom of the Qin Dynasty is about to enter Sichuan to be in plain Xi Gongyuan builds base of abdomen of bovine oil, wool; House of happy and carefree increases the bacon in hill of Chengdu black town to produce base... the area that become change becomes the whole nation to plan as a whole division of urban and rural test, chongqing meal enterprise saw business chance, will farming of complementary raw material purchase base, expanded from the area county of the our city Sichuan, at the same time city meal chamber of commerce plan considers " embrace a group " , direct in Sichuan each base is carried out " large order " purchase a mechanism.

Yesterday, wang Shunhai of 5 bottles of rice president reveals business of our city meal, at present he is considering 2 billion yuan to plan investment, shooting Hongjian an one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan duck property base.
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