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Dining-room of first pregnant woman of Beijing occurrence country a day of 6 eat
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Recently, beijing appeared one is only " accurate mom " open, the dining-room that gives priority to a problem with pregnant woman nutrition -- dining-room of theme of nutrition of Hui Aiyun Fu, this dining-room is so-called it is domestic head home.

Common saying says " below large tree good enjoy the cool " , dining-room of theme of this pregnant woman leaves was in have only with courtyard of health care of women and children of Beijing a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics all the way the unitive apartment that lie between.

"This is to ensure dining-room has adequate passenger source really " , dining-room staff member says.

In this dining-room " the market signs up for " the reporter sees, defend region of the slippery floor tile, soft chair that carries rider, humidifier, lactation, what establishment and environment think for pregnant woman really is very considerate. Especially female closet, go up in the area, on layout, show consideration for extremely on establishment, not only set sofa, cushion for leaning on to help pregnant woman eliminate vomiting during pregnancy, even if implement, also give attention to two or morethings accurate mom's diverse demand, cent to sit type is mixed crouch type to be designed two kinds.

Price on the high side one day 240 yuan

"The collocation of meal and taste are good really, it is the price has some of on the high side. " the reporter interviewed a few to be in the pregnant puerpera of repast, "Love eats but often cannot come " experience be them jointly.

The reporter understands, a day of here 6 eat want 240 yuan, a month comes down is 7200 yuan. This price lets many pregnant puerperas flinch.

Beijing has seventy-seven thousand nine hundred and eighty-five new life every year about be born, accurate mom are in those who be as long as 280 days " pregnant Cheng " in, great majority cannot get professional nutrition food seeks advice and distribute food service, by pregnancy inanition or nutrition superfluous caused of all kinds and fetal unusual appearance is one of accurate mom's afraidest problems. The occurrence of pregnant woman dining-room, be helpful for letting permit mother really " have a meal " difficult problem gets ameliorative stage by stage. But how to make the price more reasonable, attract more mom to eat on the pregnant woman eat of healthy material benefit, it is the issue that pregnant woman dining-room will consider more henceforth. (Article origin: People net - market newspaper)

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