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End tooth spring big sales promotion of convivial hotel industry
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Xmas has not spread out, international of hotel industry state guest, cold a small room, Chinese come, beautiful honour wait for restaurant to launch remaining part actively with low tooth spring is convivial sales promotion activity, emphasize allowing boss save money with eat of tooth of favourable low end what happy, employee takes is to one's heart's content, have send beer, beverage, card to pull OK gimmick of each sales promotion is differ, remove desk price to differ to 10 thousand yuan from 7000 yuan, carry brace up employee morale is happy one a large bamboo or wicker basket.

Chinese come 5 dining-room inside particularly handpick this year house roll out restaurant " Jinjin has flavour remaining part special case for investigation of tooth spring wine " , banqueting hall of 9 buildings international is luxurious the crystal droplight of air and advanced lighting acoustics imposing manner 1000, by always advocate hutch Chen Jin cate of Chinese style of concentration of hutch of palm of 10 thousand masters, additional offer the equipment such as pool of arena, dance, piano, KTV to offer rental, every desk rises 8000 yuan, dining room of food of another name for Guangdong Province of 10 buildings emerald green garden offers box, facility of seeing and hearing of act of 120 吋 firebug is set inside balcony, every desk 8000 yuan of ~12000 yuan differ, stock of restaurant of fim of building of 12 buildings east the balcony of top class characteristic with 8 disparate styles, stock is returned inside balcony equipment of luxurious seeing and hearing can be inside balcony to the top of one's bent carol, every desk 10999 yuan of ~13999 yuan differ, brand-new change one's costume or dress finish cafeteria of 43 buildings harbour, about a hundred kinds open arrange of type each country, unripe 蠔 , raw slices of fish meat, Roasted Beef and various and manual desert hold the post of gentleman to choose, ferial lunch price 560 yuan, dinner 750 yuan, price of holiday midday dinner 750 yuan, every are full 30 people give handpick bishop second bottle, 31 booked a few days ago give 2 bottles.

Tooth spring reachs the end that state guest restaurant rolls out 97 years since convivial this day will stop on March 31, included authentic trueborn the 餚 of beautiful of dish of another name for Guangdong Province with plain type beautiful food, sheer originality, and the self-help arrange of match well of Chinese and Western, banquet space includes to be able to hold the luxurious air ground of 70 desks, plain dish or every of dish of another name for Guangdong Province order Chinese style banquet 5 desks above provides place privilege includes every place 8000 yuan give fruit juice, oolong, mineral water infinite free, only 週 comes 週 4 applicable, every banquet gives fruit juice, oolong, mineral water 9000 yuan infinite carouse, every desk gives red wine additionally a bottle, every banquet gives fruit juice, oolong, mineral water 10000 yuan infinite carouse, every desk gives red wine additionally 2 bottles, every banquet gives red wine, fruit juice, oolong, mineral water 12000 yuan infinite carouse, still have Western-style buffet 50 people above provides free balcony ground, every eat price 700 yuan, malcontent 50 people arrange have dinner of hall of Yu Aihe Western-style food, ferial lunch every 570 yuan, holiday lunch every 600 yuan, ferial dinner every 670 yuan, holiday dinner every 700 yuan, additional B.B.Q of lane of pool bank beer. Self-help dinner, every eat price is added 600 yuan again give beer a cup, special privilege consumes every full 50000 yuan, give meal to touch with certificate 1000 yuan, consumption is full 100000 yuan, give ticket of accommodation of standard double room a piece, the building outside offerring card freely to haul hall of OK, microphone, acoustics, international, floor uses odd gun projector, piano freely.
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